Woman mocked over stretch marks posts response on Facebook, story goes viral

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EDMONTON, Alberta — Tanis Jex-Blake, 33, was sunbathing while her children played at Alberta Beach when she was mocked over her stretch marks.

“All of a sudden I heard, ‘oh my god, look at that, that’s f****ng nasty, that’s disgusting, look how gross that is,’” she told GlobalNews.

As she opened her eyes, she saw a woman and two men pointing at her and pretending to kick her. Jex-Blake tried to ignore the remarks but was crying while driving home.

But she took to Facebook — and her story has gone viral.




    • Juan Moore Illegal

      Do you have directions to this utopian universe you describe? I’ve never been there, but it sounds really awesome. Are there unicorns and puppies and soft puffy clouds? I can’t wait!

  • Mariah Canfield-Jones

    The world isn’t prefect and so are the people in it, but if people want to sunbathe, let them! Not everyone is going to agree with the idea. This is why I hate going out that often, I get criticized for taking 12 books out of the library at a time, and seriously I see worse people walking around, it isn’t fair to just criticize when one day that would be you lying there after having a child

    • Mighty Mike

      And if people want to criticize or belittle, let them. Or is it no longer a free country. You don’t have a right to NOT be offended

  • sarah

    this woman is only doing this for a free mommy makeover because she KNOWS it WILL happen.. someone will OFFER her it for FREE…. I have 5 kids and I am 53… I do not have a mark on me! not all women that have had children have marks like this ( be it one or 10) gives us moms bad names .. shame me if you want.. but this is the way I feel.. I am older and have gained some weight and look better then this.. but I would NEVER wear a bikini in public now myself .. especially if I looked like that! Shame on the people that teased her ( if it really did happen) that WAS wrong… but its like yoga pants.. some women should just NOT wear them.. my 2 cents!! she got the attention she seeked.. if she was proud this would not have gone viral..

    • Carla

      You called it, Sarah. I heard striafade (a stretch mark removal cream) offered her free product already. But either way, people are mean and those comments were out of line.

  • Anonymous

    Five kids? Yeah, we don’t have enough people in the world. Start accumulating kids and people, just in case there is a cataclysm. You know what the Good Book says. . . It’s coming. Wait, how long have they been saying that? Two thousand years? Okay, relax, it might be another 2000 or one million years. Whoever wrote that was smart enough not to set a specific date, so people would keep believing in it.

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