Getting over peanut allergies by eating them

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Michael Lee has a peanut allergy.

The allergy was so severe, that trace amounts of peanuts in any food would send him to the hospital.

To help him get over it, the 9-year-old is in an unusual therapy. He eats small amounts of peanuts every day.

According to KTXL-TV, Michael’s treatment was developed by allergists at Mercy Medical Group. Starting with peanut powder, they gradually introduced the food to Michael’s diet. Now he’s up to six peanuts at a time.

“I wake up. I take the peanuts. She observes me for an hour,” Michael said referring to his mother.

Michael started the treatment in February.  While he till has a ways to go, the treatment has given his family peace of mind.


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  • Sloppy Reporting

    “Getting over peanut allergies by eating them”
    So how does one go about eating a peanut butter allergy?

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