Former Inter-Canyon fire chief gets 8 years for embezzling $650,000

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A volunteer fire chief who admitted embezzling big money from the Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District in Jefferson County was sentence to eight years in prison Friday.

David MacBean, 41, stole nearly $650,000 from the department he once led.

The courtroom was packed, mostly with firefighters. MacBean is accused of using fire district money to shop at places like, the Apple Store and Big R.

He took full responsibility for his actions.

Inter-Canyon's new fire chief talked about the damage MacBean did.

"I have nothing to say to him. He betrayed my trust as a friend and colleague and chief in the department. I think evidence speaks for itself. The crimes he committed, the extensiveness of the damage done... I don't think I have anything to say to him," Randy Simpson says.

MacBean has to pay all the money back to Inter-Canyon on top of spending eight years in prison.