Father of 4 fights deportation in order to keep his family together in Denver

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DENVER -- A father of four who moved to Colorado more than a decade ago to pursue the American Dream faces deportation Tuesday.

Friday, his family, along with supporters, rallied in Denver calling on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to stop the deportation.

Victor Hugo Sanchez got caught driving without a license--and that's how the trouble started.

What's happening to him is happening to thousands in Colorado.

These are the moments, playing with his children, Sanchez worries will vanish.

His heart is heavy as the clock ticks toward Tuesday. It’s a day that could change everything.

"If I have to leave, it will be the end of something. It will break up my family," says Sanchez in Spanish.

The father of four kids--Citlaly, 10, Kimberley, 8, Ashley, 7, and Victor Jr., 3--faces deportation.

"What I understand is that maybe my dad is going to move to Mexico, get deported," says Citlaly, about the situation facing her father.

The 40-year-old moved to Colorado from Vera Cruz 14 years ago for a better life.

And indeed that's what he found.

He's a professional landscaper, and he met his wife who gave him four American-born children.

"They are my life. If I was alone in the U.S., no family, and the government said, 'You have to leave,' I'd accept it and leave. It wouldn't matter. Now, I am fighting for my family, to keep my family together," he says.

And he's not alone in the fight.

Colorado's faith community, which has banded together as Together Colorado, gathered outside the federal courthouse to support Sanchez and ask ICE to stop his deportation.

They say he's not the criminal immigrant the feds focus on removing.

The consequences seem too much for his kids to face.

Will they lose their dad, or will they move with him and lose the only land they know?

Their parents say they still have not decided what the family will do if Sanchez is deported. Will they stay or will they go? Each day they reach a different conclusion. Both of them, painful.

"That's what I want for my daughters are careers. I dream big--that they are doctors, astronauts. In Mexico, they won't have those opportunities," says Sanchez’ wife, Erika Munoz.

And the kids might also not have their father--and everything that word means.

"He means to me is, he's the best dad. He's funny. He plays with us," says Citlaly.

ICE released this statement today:

ICE is focused on smart, effective immigration enforcement that prioritizes the removal of convicted criminal aliens, fugitives, recent illegal border crossers and egregious immigration law violators, such as those who have been previously removed from the United States. ICE’s enforcement approach is enhancing public safety in communities around the country. The agency exercises prosecutorial discretion, on a case-by-case basis, as necessary to focus our resources on these priorities.

Sanchez’ hearing is at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Denver Federal Courthouse.



    • Dick Peabody

      NOW HOLD ON HERE A BLASTED MINUTE! When a citizen is sent to prison after committing a crime and his family is disrupted, is there weeping and gnashing of teeth from anyone outside the family and friends? After 14 years this guy STILL doesn’t speak English and is STILL breaking our laws. 14 years of driving without a license instead of taking a bus or riding with friends doesn’t sound like someone who has a high regard for the country he BROKE into. And I’d bet if he’d ever gotten into an accident or killed someone, he’d be on the first plane to Mexico….children and wife be darned. “I’ll send for you mi ninas and mi ninos. You’ll like it here in Mexico.” Just because we left the door to our house (country) unlocked doesn’t give the burglar the right to make himself at home. Deport him NOW!

  • Brian V. Sitterley

    Deport him. His family can join him in his native land, nor not, as his wife sees fit, and later as the kids see fit. Mexico is an up and coming nation. And since the kids are Americans, they can come for education if they wish.



  • Amanda Parker

    IF he so concerned about his family being together, take them with him. I forgot, Mexico isn’t as generous when it comes to their immigration laws, that’s just the stupid U.S. He shouldn’t of had kids. Deport him. No sympathy. Actually, deport his whole family!

  • Geoffrey

    Lived in Colorado for more then a decade and couldn’t take the time to learn ENGLISH!

    pack your bags! Make an example out of him!

  • Anonymous

    The trouble didn’t start when he was busted for driving without a license, the trouble started when he came here illegally. DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT

  • Anonymous

    Ice doesn’t just depot for no drivers license. Wonder what else he did? That they did not tell us in this story.

  • Anonymous

    Deport him, and let him try to come back using the legal channel. I did it with my Brazilian wife; it took over a year, interviews for both of us in Rio, and about 10k in legal fees. Why should he just break the law, and stay here, while other Americans are following and playing by the rules….? There is a process to follow; let the USCIS decide if he can stay….once he is booted out for breaking our immigration laws.

    • Snarky Cosmos

      Allowing illegal aliens to stay in the country is a slap in the face to all of those who chose to play by the rules to come here legally. It makes me want to puke any time a pro-illegal alien politician attends a citizenship ceremony and spews forth hollow words during his/her photo op.

  • Anonymous

    ““…If I have to leave, it will be the end of something. It will break up my family…”
    No it won’t. His family is making a deliberate and conscience decision to stay here. No one is forcing them to stay against their will. They will choose to let their father go home alone.

  • Anonymous

    if you are here illegally, go home and do it the RIGHT WAY. TAKE YOUR FAMILY WITH YOU—–THATS THE WAY YOU STAY TOGETHER AS A FAMILY

  • Pedro A. Hernandez

    dawm dude im in mexico, legally waiting for my visa and heck its been more than 2 years. am i complaining, hell yea everything down is too complicated but hey just be patient and wait you turn. dont get too cocky just learn to wait. i have been away from my family for 2 years dont you think its hard and knowing all of them are growing up without me there, or having them learn from their older brother mistakes that should be learned. hell take it and go back legally so you can avoid troubles and cherish the moments you have with your family. after 20 years i met my whole family and im gratefull to say i met my grandmother before she passes on, on boths sides.

  • Eli Strokeus

    Next time any of you American get pulled over, tell the cop you want your free pass just like the illegals get when they get pulled over. No license, no insurance, no problem, just don’t do it again. It’s high time the cops and the politicians started following the law.

  • anonymous

    So does he have a history has he been deported in the past kdvr you say these are stipulations that would be a factor in his fate so why don’t you report the whole story then?

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