Facebook stops working and Twitter goes wild, people call 911

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Facebook users got this error message Friday morning.

Facebook users got this error message Friday morning.

DENVER — Facebook appeared to be having some technical difficulties Friday morning.

Users of the world’s No. 1 social network got this very descriptive error message saying “something went wrong” around 10 a.m.

Other users told us that Facebook kept working, but was extremely slow.

The outage lasted about 30 minutes.

Facebook suffered a 30 minute outage in June.

Sgt. Burton Brink of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department tweeted that the outage was not a public safety issue.

The LAPD Communications center tweeted a clarification saying no one had called 911 there about the Facebook outage.

However, Brink stuck to his statement saying his office did get a call about it.

Naturally Twitter exploded with meme photos and posts about the outage. Here are some of our favorites:




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