Affidavit: Mom accused of child abuse got drunk, woke up to beaten infant

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DENVER -- The mother of a 2-month-old who died Thursday night of suspected child abuse said that she got drunk the night the infant was beaten and woke up the next morning not remembering what happened, her arrest affidavit said.

Kelsy Newell-Skinner is just 21 but she has four children all under 5 and now faces child abuse charges and remains in police custody.

According to her arrest affidavit, police were called to Children's Hospital in Aurora for a child that had been transferred there from Parker Adventist Hospital.

The baby was brain dead and had multiple injuries including severe bruising on her head, a swollen left eye, fractured ribs and what doctors thought was a bite mark on her left thigh.

The affidavit said Newell-Skinner texted her ex-boyfriend around noon on Sunday asking him to come to the apartment.

The ex-boyfriend is the father of three of her children.

One of the text messages to the ex-boyfriend indicated that "she must have been very drunk last night because she just woke up and the baby had been beaten," according to the affidavit.

Newell-Skinner texted that she "did not even remember last night and she felt horrible" and that "the baby's head was banged up and her eyes were bruised and swollen shut."

The ex-boyfriend said he arrived at the apartment on East Hampden Avenue and was told by Newell-Skinner that the baby had been beaten, but she did not say by whom.

Later that day, Newell-Skinner's mother arrived at the apartment. The mother saw the injuries and took the baby to Parker Adventist Hospital.

Newell-Skinner ran from her apartment at that point, the affidavit said.

The baby's father told police that he had last seen his daughter on Saturday evening before he left for work.

According to the affidavit, the father said he got into an argument with Newell-Skinner and decided to stay at his mother's home for the night.

He told police he got a text message from Newell-Skinner around 4 p.m. Sunday saying she was going to jail, the affidavit said.

He said he later learned about the child's injuries.



    • Elaine

      No, the fact that she was plastered enough that she blacked out while (I assume) being the only one there for her 5 toddlers is probably most of the problem.

  • Anonymous

    Horrible! How can you hurt a baby/child !!! I’m heart broken. Keep your legs closed if you want to continue drinking and partying. Who was watching all the kids while she was out drinking?

    • reply

      Who said she was out drinking? Sounds like she was home drinking, got mad at something and hurt her child.

  • Smiley Dave

    Children having children is a problem, any way you look at it. This thing then gets blacked out drunk and beats a baby. This is not the first time. Remove the others and kill this piece of garbage.
    No reason for to her ever breath or see any child EVER.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are all pathetic. You don’t even know what happened, and the news is never correct, so who the hell are you to pass judgement? Who knows, could’ve been her boyfriend who “went to work” could’ve done it?

    • Scott LaBelle

      Sorry, Anonymous, but what is pathetic is you have a mother of 5 who is so drunk she was not able to care for her kids.
      What is pathetic is that upon finding out her child was injured, she did not seek medical help for that child.
      What is pathetic is that she ran from the apartment when her mother arrived to take the child to the hospital.
      What is pathetic is that you’re willing, without any evidence of any kind, to suggest the boyfriend may have done this.
      What is pathetic is that you’re willing to blame Fox News for misinformation, when they’re taking their information directly from the police affidavit.

    • DJ

      Are you REALLY calling US pathetic while you attempt to defend a mother of five who sent text messages proclaiming she was so drunk she can’t even say how her 2 month old infant girl was beaten to the point that she died from those injuries? How could she not have heard the screams that baby would have produced during such a beating? Oh that’s right….she was SH*T FACED! As far as passing judgment goes…we are quite possibly the jury of her peers which may be called to make a judgment on that baby’s behalf when this pathetic excuse for a mother tries to convince those of us with common sense (that excludes you) that she wasn’t responsible. You’re right though…maybe it was her boyfriend (the infants father) who “went to work” (and was probably on the clock, sober and can PROVE where HE was when that baby was beaten to death)….matter of fact…who knows…maybe YOU DID IT…I mean anything is possible right?

  • Mark Skinner

    How is it that Newell-Skinner texted that she “must have been very drunk last night… did not even remember last night and she felt horrible” and that “the baby’s head was banged up and her eyes were bruised and swollen shut” but when the boyfriend arrived she told him that the baby had been beaten. She can’t have it both ways, either she couldn’t remember last night or she beat the baby during her drunken stupor.

    When she sobered up hours later she realized the baby’s condition, so she summoned her boyfriend via text rather than seek immediate medical treatment for the baby. Care for the baby was delayed until Newell-Skinner’s mother arrived later that day, which is when the child’s grandmother ended up taking the baby to the hospital while Newell-Skinner fled her apartment.

    The mother knew she was guilty of beating her innocent and defenseless baby, which is why she refused to seek medical treatment for the baby and fled the scene. It was bad enough that she endangered her kids by getting drunk and during that time if her kid would have needed her help she was unable to render them any assistance. Now that’s what a caring mother’s does, isn’t it?

    In multiple ways Kelsy has shown she has no character or value for her kids. Those of us who know her knows that she’s nothing but an irresponsible, baby-making slut.

    • DJ

      Mr. Skinner, I can’t help but ask if you are any relation given your last name and her name? Not that it matters much other than you probably know her personally if you are. I applaud your comment!!!

  • Anonymous

    To the anonymous people or person it doesnt matter how hard her life was or is she should not have been blacked out drunk while caring for her babies then she would have been able to protect her baby from herself or the bf or whoever hurt that baby. So yes it is her fault. Im a 23 y/o mother of 2 with another on the way and my biggest rule is to never drink when I am caring for my children and I do not allow drunk people around them so I know they are safe and protected! !!! So she should burn in hell!!!!

  • DJ

    Her age, maturity, number of children, upbringing, alcohol addiction, poor decision making and lack of self respect are ALL factors in what happened here. What responsible parent gets drunk with 5 children in the house and the youngest is only an infant and no other responsible adult around to take care of the children. She failed ALL 5 of them miserably and does not deserve a relationship with any of them until they are big enough and old enough to whoop her a** for the hell that has been their lives and may continue to be. As far as I’m concerned…if you are too drunk to know what happened to children in your care, you face the same consequences as the responsible party who murdered this child would. So it doesn’t even matter if SHE did it, she was too drunk to stop it if it wasn’t her!!!

  • Vanessa

    An amazing mother and cousin? I will disagree right there, if she was a great mother she wouldn’t have Murdered her 2 month old baby!!! she deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison better yet why don’t we get rid of people like that in this world and just murder her Like she did her own child……

  • candice

    She wasn’t on welfare…n she was not always drinking..u guys don’t know her or her life to judge..

    • DJ

      I’m pretty sure at this point…we don’t need nor want to know her, and as unimportant as her children clearly were based on the fact that she got so wasted with only herself there to care for FIVE SMALL CHILDREN…I don’t need nor want to know about her life either. Coming on here to defend her is really a waste of your time. Why weren’t you there defending that 2 month old baby that is now dead? What about HER and HER LIFE?

  • S B

    She is very immature and those remaining children should be taken completely away from her permanently. She deserves nothing because she is nothing but a drunken pos!!!

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