Urban Nights Fashion Show to help Denver’s homeless youth

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DENVER -- Experts say there is a crisis of youth homelessness in Denver. More than 900 young kids are on the street every night.

FOX31 Denver is a proud sponsor of this year's Urban Nights event, a fashion show and benefit for Urban Peak, which provides shelter and services.

Some of the 900 young people will sleep outside the one safe place they know, Urban Peak, at 21st and Stout.

Tezra is a young artist who uses the services. She says her dad passed away when she was ten and her mother abused her.

In his northwest Denver studio, celebrity designer Mondo Guerra is using Tezra's art as inspiration for his new collection. "I had to hit rock bottom so I can relate to not having resources," he says.

Before he won TV's "Project Runway Allstar Edition," Mondo nearly died from HIV. Now he runs an international clothing business and he's using his celebrity to raise money for the Urban Nights Fashion Show Friday night.

"For me that`s what made me live and breathe so that`s why I took this project on to display the idea of moving forward and growth," he says.

"That`s really cool," Tezra says. "I didn`t think little old homeless me and my painting would go anywhere. That`s really cool!"

Some of Tezra's art, along with art created by other youth will be auctioned off. When you see it you realize how deep the well of talent is among them. You wonder, with over 900 homeless young people in Denver on any given day, what else they can achieve if given a chance.

FOX31 Denver's Boris Sanchez will emcee the Urban Nights event Friday night.




  • Anonymous

    Imagine what they could achieve putting this much effort into filling out job applications! All 900 of them!

  • Beth

    Do you know how hard it is to get a job without a address what do you tell them oh yeah I’m homeless by the way that’s why I have no address we don’t know why they are on the streets but we shouldn’t judge them they are trying and that’s good for them. You may have never have to live on the streets so you shouldn’t be judging them you should be lifting them up how would you feel if someone said that about and you lived on the streets

    • Anonymous

      Life’s not a handout You got where you are by doing nothing and will stay there if you don’t make personal choices and change. I’ve lost it all to laziness too so I am not calling any kettle black. When I was divorced and all I had was taken, I lived on the streets for a spell. I gave up on myself, but I got up when I woke up. Life and success are hard work and the first step is deciding to help yourself! I don’t feel pity for anyone “homeless” because you are at least homeless in the USA and that is a roof over your head in itself and opportunity, and you live in a country with plenty of opportunity to make good of yourselves and change your fortune. Many in the world don’t have those choices. The Homeless in this country have plenty of opportunity and too much handout, so go make some good of your FORTUNE!

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