DMV to issue driver’s licenses to immigrants on Friday

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DENVER -- Undocumented immigrants in Colorado will get to sign up for a state driver's license beginning Friday.

The Department of Motor Vehicles will require immigrants to make an appointment at a selected office to get a license.

Just five of the state's 56 licensing centers will be issuing appointments. Only 155 appointments are allowed per day.

Some Latino rights groups have criticized the lack of availability in the program saying immigrants in the state's more rural areas will have difficulty making an appointment.

The DMV has said some 9,500 people have been scheduled to go through the licensing process. Activists have said about 150,000 people could be seeking the new driver's license.

"We anticipate that there will continue to be a lot of need from the community and a lot of excitement about being able to take advantage of this opportunity that has been passed into law," said Julie Gonzales of the Colorado Latino Forum.

Immigrants can present a copy of state tax returns, a federal tax identification number and proof of identity from their country of residence to get a license.

Supporters say the program will create an economic boost for the state because immigrants will feel more comfortable traveling on roads.

Opponents say immigrants in the country illegally should not be allowed to use state services including getting a license.

Currently, Washington, New Mexico and Illinois allow undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver's license.



  • Travis havicc

    The worst part of this story is that activists admit we have 150,000 illegals here. When you look at the stats the majority of registered voters want to deport illegal aliens and want to secure our border before we do any type of immigration reform.
    *86% believe illegal immigration is a problem for the U.S.; 12% believe it is not a problem.
    *53% of U.S. citizens believe that most or all illegal aliens should be deported (30% most, 23% all), while 36% want all or most to stay (5% all, 31% most). 75% percent of Republicans think all or most immigrants should be deported, 40% of Democrats think the same
    Just another example liberals can’t make up their mind. A vast majority of them say its a problem but 60% of them don’t want to deport them.
    *80% of American adults support “stricter border control to try to reduce illegal immigration.” This includes 93% Republicans, 76% Democrats, 83% Independents, 74% Blacks, 61% Hispanics, and 75% of 18-39 year olds
    Regardless of whether support amnesty, 77% (90% Republicans, 80% Independents, 65% Democrats) do not think that amnestied aliens should be eligible for government benefits before these aliens become citizens. 20% believe amnestied aliens should receive benefits before attaining citizenship.
    But but they work so hard
    *53% believe illegal aliens harm American workers; 26% believe that illegal aliens do not harm American workers; 11% believe they have little if any effect.
    *68% believe that employers who hire illegal aliens should be punished
    *66% believe illegal aliens are a net drain on public resources; 11% believe they are a net benefit; 9% say they have little to no effect.
    They just want freeeeeeedom
    *More than half of all people sent to federal prison for committing felony crimes so far this year were Hispanic, a major demographic shift swollen by immigration offenses, according to a new government report released Tuesday.Hispanics comprised 50.3 percent of all people sentenced in that time period, blacks 19.7 percent and whites 26.4 percent. 16% of the population is Hispanic yet they filled 50% of the jail cells.
    Id hate to see the numbers when the projected number is suppose to jump to 25% in 5 years.
    Why do the democrats want illegals?
    *31% of illegal aliens surveyed identified themselves as Democrats; 4% as Republicans. In addition, 23% of illegal aliens lean toward the Democratic Party while 15% lean toward the Republican Party
    Long I know but proves my point no one wants them here they bring drama with lots of baby mommas. Why are voters being ignored? Even 53% of the Hispanic vote wants them deported. Soon I’ll be gone back to the wild wild east I leave the rest up to you. Fact check me if you want lots more to read but it will make you sad. I’m past sad I’m MAD. Here have a laugh.
    ” They took our jobs” southpark

  • tonya

    thats some bs if you have her on camera and she is undocumented why is she not being deported? no she is getting a colorado license that don’t sound wrong to you we might as well just open the boarders whats the point of having them if you give them better benifits then those who were born to legal citizens

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