City Park residents angry about upcoming Chive Fest concert

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Denver's City Park (Photo: Greg Ness | American Forests)

DENVER – Just weeks after concerned locals successfully forced Riot Fest out of Byers, some Denver residents are taking aim at another music festival here in town.

Chive Fest, slated for Aug. 16 in City Park, is expected to attract some 7,500 fans. And a group of vocal locals is none too happy about it, the Denver Post’s Reverb reported.

“You would think somewhere, someone, in some administration would realize we want it to be a quiet park in what is left of it,” South City Park resident Tom Morris told Reverb.

Morris is among a group of people who don’t feel it’s appropriate for the city to close off a portion of a public park for a ticketed event. They are also worried about trash management, traffic, parking, alcohol consumption and that noise from live music could impact homeowners as well as animals at the Denver Zoo, Reverb reported.

Of course, private events on public property are nothing new to the region. Large portions of Red Rocks – also a City of Denver park — are closed during ticketed concerts, and public streets and parks routinely close for footraces and other paid events, especially during the summer.

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City Park itself has hosted concerts in the past, including Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival and City Park Jazz.

As to the safety of the Denver Zoo’s animals, the zoo routinely hosts rock bands inside its own walls during special events such as Brew at the Zoo.

There is one important caveat in this case, though – as was the case with Riot Fest, Chive Fest’s permit has not yet been finalized, Reverb reported. A similar situation led to Riot Fest being moved from May Farms to Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Still, a liquor permit has been approved, and Chive says it has made final arrangements for parking, traffic control, security and public restrooms. Unless something major happens, the event appears set to go off as scheduled.

“We have been working closely with the the parks department to follow all procedures and to address any legitimate concerns made by residents,” Brandon Barrett, director of partnerships for Chive Live, said.

Chive Fest organizers, along with Denver Parks and Recreation, will meet with neighbors at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Wednesday night at 6 p.m. to discuss the concert.

Chive Fest Denver will feature eight bands including Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Cold War Kids and Talib Kweli.



  • Nick

    Ugh, you people live in a city. Stop crying like little children. There will be noise and you won’t be able to access 100% of the park for one single night. Get over it.

    However, I am glad the people of Byers cried. Now I’m going to riot fest without having to buy a weekend pass and camp out.

  • Chris French

    Tom Morris sounds like a lil b*tch. Other cities like Chicago, San Fran, New York, detroit all hold festivals with 50000 to 100000+ people stop complaining and have fun

  • Jeff

    Oh noooooo! Noise and mild inconvenience for one day! Let’s stop this immediately. Never mind all the fun people will have at the event or the business it’ll bring to the neighborhood bars and restaurants! I only care about myself! Hey complainers, life is short, you’re alive, how about you be happy about that for a moment so you can put into perspective whether your concerns really matter.

  • philip

    Apparently some of the citizens of city park are a bunch of babies. I would be astonished if the people that are complaining even know or understand anything about the chive. Aside from being a group of people that enjoy having a good time. Chivers are huge philanthropist. They donate vast amounts of money to disabled veterans and their families. They’re involved in numerous charities providing support and donations to children with various terminal illnesses. That’s just to name a couple of their charitable deeds. The chive promotes a way of life and encourages its followers to be kind, to give if they’re able, and enjoy life in the process. For those of you in city park that have your qualms about the chive hosting a music festival in a neighborhood park do a little research and review the credentials of this wonderful organization.

  • Sue Powell

    It’s ONE DAY of music and people out of the YEAR. Seattle and Chicago already had theirs and it looked like a ton of fun. Geezus get over it. I don’t think these locals have any idea how Chivers really are. We are so much more respectful than you believe us to be. Hope it’s a blast and KCCO TO EVERYONE!

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