Tancredo demands Christie, RGA ‘come clean’ about helping Beauprez through primary

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Tom Tancredo on June 24 after conceding the GOP gubernatorial primary election to Bob Beauprez at an election night barbeque with supporters.

DENVER — Tom Tancredo isn’t trashing Bob Beauprez, but he’s demanding one of his biggest benefactors, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, come clean about the Republican Governors Association’s influence on Colorado’s GOP gubernatorial primary.

On Monday, the Denver Post reported that a campaign finance watchdog group discovered that the RGA, which Christie chairs, funneled money to help Beauprez through the Republican Attorney Generals Association despite its public pledge not to attempt to influence GOP primaries.

In June, Beauprez’s 31-27 percent victory over Tancredo came as a huge relief to establishment Republicans who worried about Tancredo’s nomination giving rise to higher voter turnout from Hispanics this fall and, as a result, hurting the GOP ticket.

On Tuesday, Tancredo, who has pledged to help Beauprez however he can, took aim at Christie, who was just stumping with Beauprez in Colorado last week.

“Now that we know who was behind many of the false and slanderous ads that were purchased in Colorado in the final days of our primary season, there are many questions that Colorado Republicans deserve to have answered,” Tancredo said. “Voters deserve transparency and they deserve to have a full accounting as to why the RGA would secretly funnel money into our Colorado Republican primary.”

Tancredo called on Christie to release all communications between the RGA and RAGA, disclose who authorized what appears to be $175,000 funneled into the primary, and to say who was involved with coordinating efforts between the RGA and two issues committees formed to help Beauprez through the primary.

“Republican voters in Colorado deserve a primary system that maintains integrity and is not hijacked by party elites,” Tancredo said. “The Democrats are fully capable of spreading falsehoods and propaganda that harms Republicans, so Colorado Republicans should know if a fellow Republican is using these same tactics against their own teammates.

“We already have a situation in Mississippi where grassroots Republicans feel disenfranchised by party elites. We need to avoid a repeat in Colorado.

“Governor Christie was previously accused of using political power as governor of New Jersey to block bridges as an act of political retaliation. So I’m sure he will relish this opportunity to ‘come clean’ and to ‘clear the air’ to avoid new allegations of using his elected position at RGA to carry out a political vendetta in Colorado.”



    • Dick Peabody

      Look at the inconsistency in your statement Judy. You say YOU believe in a lot of the things Tancredo stands for but then go on to say he’s too far right to get elected. Don’t you think A LOT of folks believe in the common sense stances Tancredo takes on issues? Don’t you think it’s possible people have been lied to about where he really is on the issues and that they’ve been told to think he’s an extremist, a xenophobe, a racist, and every other pejorative the Left and the RINOs think will stick? Tancredo believes in America FIRST, for Americans of all colors. His opponents believe that kind of thinking is either racist as do the Left and reconquistas, or they believe it won’t get them elected and will end their source of cheap labor as does the GOP establishment. The fact is that Tom was polling quite well with independents before he was slimed by Christie.

  • Beth B

    There is appearance of campaign coordination and money laundering between the RGA and RAGA.

    Beauprez should show leadership and denounce these organizations and get out from under this now.

  • Fast45

    Tancredo! Sit down … put your hand down. No more questions from the losers. You didn’t debate … you didn’t hardly even try to campaign. Stop whining.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, what fast 45 said…as long as it’s our party that may have broken a couple of laws, in helping Colorado GOP voters choose their candidate, it’s all good…sit down and shut up already!

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