Couple says they were hit, injured while reporting a child locked in a hot car

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- A concerned couple calls police about a young boy left in a hot car.

But when the cops arrived, it’s the good Samaritans who needed an ambulance.

The boy’s mother is charged with running over the couple who called 911 on her.

Now, Shannon Dominguez, 43, is confined to a wheelchair. Doctors say she may never walk the same again.

"Every day is a chore. Every day is stressful," says Dominguez.

They never could have imagined calling police to help a child left alone in a hot car would end up like this.

"All four windows were rolled up. And it was in the direct sun. It scares the heck out of me. It's some innocent child might die," says Dominguez.

Now, she’s dealing with a crushed left leg.

"My tibia has a spiral break. My fibula has three breaks in it. They put a rod in there," she says.

Dominguez and her boyfriend Alan Mason say Kristina Riddell, 27, ran over them with her white Honda on June 7 just after 1: 30 p.m.

“She heard me on the phone with police," says Dominguez, who called for help when she saw the boy alone in the car.

The drama unfolded in front of a Dollar Tree store at 2255 Main St. in Longmont.

Dominguez says Riddell got mad, threatened to beat her up and punched Mason in the face.

Dominguez says they were standing in an empty parking space when Riddell then got in her car, backed up and accelerated towards them, hitting Dominguez first, then Mason.

He went over the hood.

"She had her windows down, so I grabbed onto the door. She drug me about 20 feet. I realized she was not going to stop, so I let go. I tumbled in the parking lot," says Mason. He suffered internal and external bruising.

Police soon arrested Riddle at her home at 1208 Meadow St. in Longmont.

She wasn’t there when FOX31 Denver stopped by Tuesday.

"She gets to work every day. She gets to cook for her family. She gets to go out on the weekends with her family. I can't do any of that," says Dominguez.

Doctors tell Dominguez she may never walk normal again.

For now, she’s bound to a wheelchair.

"It's hard. We use to be so active and now I can't do much of anything," she says.

But the couple says if they could do it over again, they would.

"If it means helping a child, I'd do it in a heartbeat," says Dominguez.

"We might do it a little different next time, says Mason. “Probably call 911, then leave."

Riddell has an extensive criminal record, including arrests for assault, domestic violence and multiple driving violations.

Now, she’s facing charges of hit-and-run, assault and child abuse.



  • Duh

    What a worthless human being this stupid woman is they should hit her up with Attempted murder and take her children like forever.

  • dora

    I can bet this worthless mother abuses her child behind closed doors. Hoping this injured woman heals and returns to her normal life. As for the idiot so called mother, I hope karma’s bus hits this skank head on.

    • JR

      I’d sue and at least get a lien on future earnings. I’d make sure she never received any type of income ever again without giving part of it to me.

  • Nick

    Wow, I hope she gets hit with attempted murder. Congrats lady, you just lost your child where if you just left them alone the worst that would have happened is that you would have had to make a statement with police later at your house. Without proof they can’t do anything anyway.

  • DaisyGirl

    How is this lady not in jail right now? Attempted murder is serious!! The child should be taken away from her immediately!!!!!!!

  • lambmit

    you mean the name Shannon? But should it really matter? A child is in danger so for calling the police she gets blessed with rolling around in a wheelchair for the rest of her life wile this piece of dung gets the use of her legs.

    • lindugh

      Shannon did the right thing when she saw a child left alone in a car. She called 911 and gave them all the pertinent info so they could investigate. Shannon had NO BUSINESS getting into an altercation with the mother when she returned to the car. That was HER bad judgment. Sorry lady, you should have waited for the cops and not INTERFERRED! You gave the cops the location, vehicle ID and the license plate number. Your obligation was completed. If Kristina was going to drive away, that’s not your business. Let the police do their job. You’re lucky she did not have a gun. Your health insurance will cover your medical costs….. you do have medical insurance, don’t you?

      • Svetlana

        Um, this so-called mother had NO BUSINESS hitting anyone with her car! Shannon was not talking about money; she was talking about never walking normally again. Do you normally need your food chewed for you, too?

      • Heidi Camacho

        Dominguez was talking to the police and the woman OVERHEARD her doing so. Dominguez did not attack the mother!!!!!!!!!! The mother attacked Dominguez and her boyfriend! I hope she goes to jail for attempted murder 3x.

    • Anonymous

      How do you get insurance scam out of this. I was a RN in a peds hospital snd have seen so many children injured and die because of abuse/ neglect. That Mother needs to be charged with attempted murder x3.

    • wolfgirl

      How do you get insurance scam out of this. I was a RN in a peds hospital snd have seen so many children injured and die because of abuse/ neglect. That Mother needs to be charged with attempted murder x3.

  • Buck Farry

    Sad dude didnt have a concealed weapon and end up blowing the ho’s face and brains all over the seat anf floorboard!

    • mr burns

      People leaves kids in cars while they run into cvs to pick up a prescription too. Besides if the woman had already returned to the car( otherwise how could she have been driving it ) , why was anyone calling the police? I vote for scam.

      • Svetlana

        That lunatic POS mother drove her car into them. You think that their injuries are a “scam”?

      • Jody

        Hey Mr. Burns. Maybe The Couple thought she had Left the Kid in the Car and was not coming back. How are They Supposed to know that she would be back in A Few Minutes? I don’t think that was A Scam. Jody

  • Anonymous

    God bless that couple for literally saving the boys life. I pray that God will heal this poor woman that the mother ran over. I hope the court does right by them and take her child from her.

  • Adam

    Bad mouth the police all you want KDVR. Paint every complaint or angry arestee as a crazy abuse complaint. But this story goes to show you, the police are equipped, trained and ready to confront the lawless in our society, so a good lady like this doesn’t have to. You’ll always need a policeman, even if u don’t appreciate their sacrifice.

    • JR

      Yeah, if this were Mississippi, the couple who called the police would have packing heat and Shannon would still be walking. Miss Riddell, probably not so much.

  • ShadowDetail

    Just another lesson that all lunatics are not in asylums. And, no, I don’t mean the lunatic thug who attacked the good Samaritan, but rather the lunatics in the comments section. “You’ll always need a policeman…” Right – when you need help in seconds, the police are only minutes away. “How is this lady not in jail right now?” She’s not a lady, and she’s not in jail because blacks aren’t held to the same standards as whites.”This is Colorado not Mississippi!” Colorado has the highest per capita rate of cocaine use in the country, has legalized marijuana, and allows welfare recipients to use their taxpayer provided ATM cards in pot shops. Hooray for Colorado.

  • Leopoldo

    I was wondering if you ever considered changing the structure of your site?

    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect
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  • Brenn

    NOTE to see this happening proceed to grab your baseball bat (of which 85% of Coloradans are Rockin in the back seat) then investigate, them call cops and if shit goes down after that, they get a Colorado parkinglot beat down.. So tired of these “”mothers”” in this state, ready to do some cleaning up

  • Tom

    I am amazed about the number of comments that are either not about the victim here or are unsympathetic to her plight. Her life will never be the same and I only hope that it gets back to some normalcy for her. I would be pleased to make a small donation if a legitimate fund is set up for her.

  • Heidi Camacho

    ** Would you LEAVE your purse with $$$ thousands of dollars and jewelry, in your car??? Of course NOT!
    ******************* You SEE a child in a car alone Call Police. ************************************
    Charge that beast with attempted murder 3x= child and the 2 she ran over.
    This was NO Scam- to insinuate this is pathetic, illogical and totally absurd. Why? Is it because because…, Dominguez is a Hispanic last name?
    Whomever, thinks this, is stupid and ignorant.
    Remove the child from that home. Mom is violent and feels APATHY FOR THE LAW- GUILTY= JAIL.

  • Alberto

    I guess some good deeds (even just calling 911) can have risks, but if it involved reporting child or pet left alone in a hot car, I’d be so willing to take that risk. On occassion, I see dogs left alone in cars on the parking lot of my workplace, and I am always keeping my eye on those animals. As of week or 2 ago, I’ve taken on the task of leaving flyers on the windshields of such cars so that the driver will realize, and learn from, his/her mistake. Luckily I have never had to call for help (yet), but if I ever did, what I’d probably do is to quickly jot down the vehicle’s make, model, color, license plate number, and any relevant details (decals, bumper stickers, etc.). Then I’d sneak away to a safe place (where the driver can’t see or hear me) to call for help.

  • John Howell

    Let me see if I can guess how this story ends hummm. some dimwit bleeding heart judge who doesn’t have the sense God gave to a wooden cigar store indian will give her probation and maybe she’ll have to do some community service..

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