UPDATE: DPD responds to officer seen shoving man multiple times at Coors Field

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DENVER -- A video posted to YouTube shows a man at Coors Field being pushed multiple times by Denver Police Capt. Joe Black, and the department's Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the incident.

In the posting by MostWatched01 on Wednesday, it says Patrick Benson says the man being detained is his co-worker Alex Buck of Denver and that the incident began when stadium staff assumed there was underage drinking.

As Black allows Buck to give his version, when he does not follow a command to sit down, the officer is seen shoving Alex multiple times. Alex demands to be shoved again and then is handcuffed.

“All he had to do is shut up and he would have left,” the officer can be heard saying.

Buck then continues to spout about his rights and when asked if he had been drinking, he says, "I've had three beers at Coors Field in Colorado of the United States of America."

At the end of the video, another officer can be heard saying Buck was being physically ejected for trespassing because he refused to leave.

On Thursday night, the Denver Police Department responded on Twitter to the video:

NOTE: There is language in the video that some viewers might find offensive.




  • Anonymous

    Another Cop Abusing his power. Immediate Firing should be performed. This is not acceptable what-so ever. As usual, he will probably walk away with a “paid-vacation” for this whole deal, then be praised. This needs to end.

    • Will

      Alex… Quit posting. We all know it’s you. ALEX = Anonymous. Pleading your case on the internet just makes you look like an IDIOT! You are not at Coor field anymore. Take a hint from the movie FROZEN and “Let it go, Let it goooo….”

  • Will

    Another drunk guy reciting the law and not following the policeman instructions. Then his stupid drunk friends commentating in the background. Idiot got what he deserves. Police did what they had to for him to comply.

      • Will

        That is because he was DETAINED for the purposes of being ejected from the Coor field “In the United States of America….” LOL Poor drunk white boy got his ID taken from him and thought this was a perfect time to become a lawyer. IDIOT! I bet he is like this all the time when he is drunk and gets into a confrontation with other people.

    • Will

      You need to stop getting drunk at Coors Field in the United States of America….. ALEX = Anonymous

      • Someone Not Named Will

        Says the guy posting as a single name as Will because there is surely just one Will in the world.

  • jafo

    I’m a Law Enforcement Officer with the LAPD. This officer crossed the subjects physical boundaries for no reason.
    I’m pretty sure the suspect can sue the officer and win. But, the officer will be placed on probation and perhaps given more training. Anyways, these cops were working their side job and weren’t even on duty.

  • jafo

    However, most Depts are becoming more relaxed and more brutal. Only because they’d rather pay hefty fines for abuse against their citizens. Stories like these, actually reduce crime because it sends a strong message to the public that the police are more brutal than they really are. It’s a fear factor that the police try to instill inside of their community. Which makes the criminals more weary with their dealings with police officers in general.

    Nevertheless, off the record, if you give us rope, we’ll always take more of that rope. In laymans terms, don’t give us too much power, otherwise we will abuse it. Because everything in this life can be abused and taken for granted. There has to be a thin line and moderation must be the major keyfactor.
    LAPD Hollywood Division.

  • kj

    The cop was obviously in the wrong because the officer doesn’t have the right to force people to sit down. Then when he didn’t get his way he assaulted the man when all he wanted was to talk things over and get his I.d. back. Sadly this is all to common in our society and even sadier are the people defending this abuse of power. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live in fear that a cop can just walk up to me and hit me. I believe he should be fired after this or at least reprimanded.

  • Jj

    This kid was drunk when ur drunk u can’t think straight or do u know what ur saying half the time. We have all been there I’m sure. The officer had no right to shove. He could have ask the kid to be quit or he was goin to be placed in hand cuffs and escorted off the premises. The officer had every right to cuff him and take him in if the guy wouldn’t listen but to shove like that. The guy was drunk and the kid would have fallen after being shoved and lost his balance and hit his head the officer would have been in a load of trouble. Lost of job and sued. The officer can still be sued just for shoving. All those people saying the kid deserved it no he did not. He was drunk. The police officer should have asked to remain quit or he will be place under arrest. The kid showed not violence towards the police officer and if he did the police officer has the skills to defend himself not by pushing but by locking his arms and pinning him to the ground for self defense. The officer job is to look out not only for himself but also for the safety of the kid as well. By shoving him deft was not keeping him safe as he could have fallen. This police officer was wrong and should be placed under suspension and go though skill class again. If this kid took this in court you could have a good change of winning the case.

  • cody

    The officer was off duty…he should be treated as a civilian. If a civilian pushes another civilian like that for any reason the are charged with assault. Drunk or not. The police need to realize that they are only enforcers of the law, on or off duty. They arent supposed to decide anything except what is within the law and what isnt. I have respect for what officers deal with every day but if they decide to take a “side job” for “extra pay” then it changes the rules…IMHO.

  • Anonymous

    Coors field wanted him gone. He is trespassing at this point =crime committed. Officer has the right to order the intoxicated man(drunk in public which is another crime) to sit down. Read a book you trolls or troll harder. Everyone’s a street lawyer but nobody can state the obvious. The guy is being a jack wagon…,”I’m a citizen of the United States” ……great, so exercise your right to shut up!

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