Liquor delivery to start in Denver thanks to new app

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DENVER -- It’s convenience at your fingertips. Denver is about to become the newest city to offer what you want, when you want it. For many, that means beer, wine and liquor.

No more scouring the aisles for spirits, now you can simply scroll.

Whether you don’t want to drag the kids to a liquor store with you, or you shouldn’t get behind the wheel, the store can come straight to you with the click of a button.

Matthew Erley, the Denver-area General Manager of Drizly said, "It's a little overwhelming sometimes to find in a store what you really want."

Liquor store delivery isn’t a new concept. In fact, Argonaut Liquors on East Colfax Avenue and Washington Street has been doing it for a while. But with the partnership of Drizly, Argonaut can deliver in 45 minutes or less, for just $5.

"I think it`s going to be the hottest thing going,” said Argonaut Liquors Co-owner, Ron Vaughn. He said the prices will be the same as they are in the store. "The same legal rules apply."

In fact, delivery might be a little stricter.

Drivers will use an ID scanner to check the validity of a license. Erley said drivers will scan the license and, "It lets us know, over 21 not expired."

Argonaut Liquors will deliver in downtown Denver and the nearby neighborhoods. But, Drizly is planning to expand service in the coming months by adding more partners. Erley said, they will “probably go to the Tech Center, Boulder, Wheat Ridge."

Drizly is already being used in Boston, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Even though Denver is smaller, both Argonaut Liquors and Drizly think this is the perfect city to launch the app.

“People in Denver are kind of tech-savvy, early adopters of new technologies and services like this,” Erley said. "We have a really rich craft beer and craft wine and liquor industry."

The hours for delivery are the same as store hours. It’s a $20 minimum. The app is free to download and if you use the promo code, WELCOMEDENVER, first-time users get free delivery.

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