City of Denver to pay $3.25 million to settle inmate abuse suit

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DENVER -- The City of Denver is proposing a settlement of $3.25 million in the case of a former jail inmate who claims he was abused by both police and other prisoners, and that officials subsequently covered up the attacks, the city announced Monday.

The settlement comes the day after Sheriff Gary Wilson announced his resignation.

Former inmate Jamal Hunter sued the city after video surfaced that showed deputies beating him in his cell. Later, audio recordings uncovered by a Denver Police Department investigation seemed to depict deputies telling another inmate that he would be charged with a felony if he testified against law enforcement in the case.

All of this came after Hunter was reportedly tortured by other inmates. The suit claims he screamed for an extended period of time while his genitals were being burned, but deputies did not come to his aid.

Jamal Hunter spoke exclusively to FOX31 Denver News:

“I really believe this settlement speaks toward this never happening again to another inmate.  I really appreciate Mayor Hancock for his response and stepping up to it.”

“I think it’s going to lead to the right reforms for the inmates.  I think it’s important that the reform does take place and it doesn’t go under the rug and with a settlement like this, I believe they’re going to be making the proper moves toward doing that,” Hunter said.

Under the terms of the settlement, Hunter was very limited in what he could say.

In a filing on Tuesday, Judge John L. Kane indicated that, under the terms of the settlement, Hunter will withdraw a Motion for Additional Sanctions against the city.

However, Kane wrote that if the evidence supports "allegations of systemic illegal conduct in the Denver Sheriff's Department," the judge himself may pursue sanctions against the parties involved.

"These are not matters that can be settled by agreement of the parties," Kane wrote, citing law that requires him to act if he finds evidence that a lawyer has acted inappropriately.

The filing seems to indicate that the judge could punish the city's lawyers if he finds that they lied to the court in the case. Experts said the filing is very unusual.

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    • Sus

      I am a piece of ‘garbage’ too.. they killed my child that did NOTHING wrong in 2006. There comes a time when human beings stop looking at ‘who is paying’ and what is WRONG with the system. You must be lucky, I hope you never lose a child as I did. Had I known now what I know then I would have taken it to Federal Court.

      • Anonymous

        I think Weezer was referring to the sheriffs being pieces of garbage, but I can’t be 100% sure.

  • Jim

    There is a distinct lack of leadership at the top due to too many becoming legends in their own minds and assuming that all the legends below them will do the right thing. Incredibler stupidity

  • mike in denver

    In our time and age it never surprises how crooked our legal system is. No wonder so many people are against the law.

  • Robert Gift

    Way to go, Denver Sheriff’s Defartment.
    Jamal Hunter and his lawyer be laughing at you all the way to the bank, yes?
    Is the DSD making crime pay well!?
    How do I git me arre$ted?

  • Andrew harkins

    It’s called hush money you bleeding hearts Jamal hunter is a criminal thug …convicted felon …you speak as if he’s going to do anything but more evil with your tax money !

    • Anonymous

      Since when has that ever happened, that someone abused by cops (who are thugs and criminals themselves) took money from a lawsuit and used it to pursue more crime? You just say stuff and have no idea what you are even talking about.

    • thisismyboomstick

      So what? That doesn’t mean he gets to be to be used as a punching bag by the deputies for their own amusement then try and cover up illegal behavior.

  • Andrew harkins

    Pretty soon all of Denver will be in the hug a thug program and no one will want to be cops anymore .. Since there is obviously so many police experts around judging them .. Then all these idiots will have to actually defend themselves ….and beg for the police again … Oh how I can’t wait :)

    • Tony Montana (@galactictruth)

      Good we don’t need any more thugs with badges. Hipocritical criminals that hide behind a badge is all they are anyway. If they can’t control their own actions they have no business telling others what to do. What a waste of a life anyway to be out to make the lives of people that have done you no wrong difficult, for what, a sense of purpose, control, you would have to be a sociopath to do that anyway.

  • Nick

    “I really believe this settlement speaks toward this never happening again to another inmate. ”

    Yea right. Are you kidding me? How many lawsuits have stopped the police from beating people senseless? We treat these cops like spoiled little rich kids. Oh the spoiled little kid gets in trouble with the law and his parents show up and pay everything for him and take care of it. Do you think he learned a lesson? Why in gods name do we expect the police to learn a lesson when not a SINGLE DIME of lawsuit money comes out of their salaries or budget? They literally beat people senseless and then the taxpayers cover the cost of the lawsuit and the police go about their daily lives like nothing had happened.

    Here is what I propose will actually accomplish the stated goal: ALL LAWSUIT SETTLEMENTS COME DIRECTLY OUT OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS BUDGET.



  • Anonymous

    you have a better chance of winning a million dollar lawsuit againts the sherriffs or police department than winning the lotto… So im assuming there are some job openings in both departments

  • Rev

    The headline is wrong. The city of Denver did not pay 3.25 million dollars to settle. The tax payers of Colorado paid the 3.25 million dollars to settle. My solution: Take a portion of the mayors pay all the way down to the newest deputy in Denver to pay back the citizens for this deputies stupidity, only then would we get some accountability for our so call protection.

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