VIDEO: Denver Sheriff’s deputy shown slugging, kicking inmate

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DENVER — Two Denver County Sheriff’s Department veterans have been placed on leave after an incident with a detainee, and video obtained by the Colorado Independent shows what led to the suspensions.

The video shows deputy Thomas Ford booking a man into the downtown detention center, walking over to the man and slugging him in the face then apparently kicking him. It’s unclear what provoked the action against inmate Kyle Askin.

“The incident occurred the evening of July 13, during the book-in process of a detainee,” a city news release read Wednesday. “Sheriff Gary Wilson has requested an investigation of criminal charges against the officer, which will be decided by the Denver District Attorney’s Office.”

Officer William Lewis was also put on investigative leave with pay for “writing an inaccurate reported related to the inappropriate force incident,” the release said.

Ford has been with the department for 6 1/2 years and Lewis is a 12-year veteran.

The Sheriff’s Office told FOX31 Denver on Wednesday that any video would not be released, but the Independent was able to obtain it and post it to its website.

FOX31 Denver’s Julie Hayden has confirmed Ford was involved in a 2011 videotaped incident involving excessive force used on another inmate, Jamal Hunter. That led to an investigation that resulted in two officers being suspended and a lawsuit filed by Hunter.

Ford was not one of those disciplined in the 2011 incident and he was not named in Hunter’s lawsuit.



  • QuixoteJoe

    Uh oh. More ammo for the U.S. Dept of Justice – not like they didn’t already have lots of it. Watch ‘n see the feds are going to lay some hurt on Denver PD and the Sheriff’s dept.

    Speaking of Denver PD, we called them the other night due to multiple criminal acts that kept recurring at the business next to us that was closed for the day. The address was a half block away from District 6 offices. We called them 3 times over a 2 hour 20 minute period. 2 hrs 40 minutes after our first phone call three squad cars finally showed up. Ten minutes before they arrived a DPD supervisor called to tell us they didn’t have any officers available to respond. Then when they finally showed up one of the officers tried to rake us over the coals by implying we didn’t convey an urgency for them to get to the scene. We told them to go back to listen to our calls to dispatch then redirect their criticism, questions and disappointment to the appropriate parties.

    Sixteen months earlier, we called DPD as a guy was being pummeled by three other guys. It took DPD 1 hour 35 minutes to respond. The victim was left for dead and we later learned he nearly died from the attack. DPD is a joke.

  • Andrew harkins

    C’mon bleeding hearts lets here it !!! The same pathetic criminal loving rants you all love to post!! I’ve used my real name and I’m an accountant not a cop but none of you will give up who you really are ! Try doing a cops job instead of always criticizing them .. You all too scared to stand up to crime but sure will spout off when this pathetic channel loves to hate on them ! I’ll bet if anyone of your family was murdered by these crooks you all would beg this to happen .. Blah blah blah someday there’s gonna be no one who wants to defend this garbage soon and all your tough talk had better be able to be backed up !

  • Dale Gross

    How many more stories like this do people need to hear before they finally realize that this has always gone on when it shouldn’t have, and that many, many times when so-called criminals claimed they were innocent or wronged, that it was the truth and it was the cops who were (are) the bad guys.

  • BreatheEasy

    No one is denying that cops have a job to do. The debate is how that job has been or is being performed. Excessive force on a criminal who is already in police custody is not necessary. DPD is in trouble because of the unnecessary tactics taken upon criminals who are already detained. No matter how you try to spin it, that’s a problem and it has been ongoing for a while. Let’s be real honest here, these are only the few cases we know about!! Unfortunately, I am certain there are countless others!

  • Anonymous

    Thank god it was a black cop assaulting whitey, had the roles been reversed Captain Cannabis, Hancoke, and Lickenpooper would have already had this guy fired. Plus we would have had all the poverty pimps, Jerkson, Sharptounge and others screaming “No Justus, No Piece”

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