Dems take first shot at Beauprez over ’47 percent’ remarks

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Bob Beauprez.

DENVER — Colorado Democrats are highlighting GOP gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez’s Romneyesque ’47 percent’ comments in a new web ad.

The new 30-second video features audio of Beauprez’s 2010 remarks to the Denver Rotary Club in which he riffed about the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay taxes and images of regular Coloradans shown with an arrow labeling them as part of the “47 percent.”

The remarks are very similar to those made in 2012 by GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser and recorded by a Democratic operative; the recording put the Romney campaign on its heels and undercut the millionaire’s efforts to appeal to blue-collar voters.

“Clearly Congressman Beauprez thinks he’s better than Colorado’s seniors, veterans, firefighters, students and hard-working families in our great state,” said Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio.

“Instead of apologizing for his ridiculous and derisive comments, Congressman Beauprez stood by his remarks claiming that half of the population are freeloaders who are “perfectly happy” that someone else is paying the bill.”

Democrats first drew attention to the comments, which have been available on YouTube since 2010, earlier this month.

The new web ad comes just weeks after Beauprez emerged from a four-way GOP primary to capture the party’s gubernatorial nomination and just a day after a Quinnipiac University poll showed Beauprez ahead of Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper by a 44-43 percent margin.

A Marist poll released Monday showed Hickenlooper leading Beauprez by a 49-43 percent margin.



  • ColoradoCommish

    More disgusting lies and misinformation from Democrats.
    In the Rotary speech, Bob Beauprez CLEARLY talks about how 47% of Americans do not pay INCOME TAXES… which is the truth… and Libs/Dems begin their feigned outrage all over again.
    Is it even possible to find an honest/credible/rational Democrat any longer?

    • Mike

      No it’s not. Liberal democrats are and will continue to destroy until they themselves are destroyed. They’re like the plague.

  • Duke Paulsen

    I heard recently that there is IRS data from 2009 & 2011 that suggests that the “47%” is a VALID point. Some research may be required to verify this. It’s this data, I’m told, is where Mitt Romney made his comments from.

    Also, Food 4 thought: If the IRS servers are all crashing — left, right & middle — then HOW is the IRS **S T I L L** Functioning????

    • Duke Paulsen

      After watching the “ad,” once again, the DD’s are *N O T* “pointing” to the 47% of Americans who are NOT paying taxes. Rather, they are pointing to the ** 53% ** who ARE paying taxes.

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