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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recommends best cars for teens

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DENVER -- If you're looking for a new car for your teenager, listen up. Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows many teenagers are driving cars that don't keep them safe on the road.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens and the type of vehicles has a big effect on the amount of risk they face behind the wheel.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says most parents buy used cars for their teens and the decision is based on price. Instead, it says you should consider the risks teens face and consider paying a little more.

In Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says when finding a car, young drivers should stay away from high horsepower because they'll be tempted to test the limits. It recommends driving bigger, heaver vehicles because they can protect teens better in a crash. That means no minicars or small cars.

It says electronic stability control is a must. The feature helps a driver maintain control of the car on slippery roads. Last, it says the car should have the best safety ratings possible. That means good ratings in crash tests and four to five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The organization says some of the best cars under $20,000 are:

* Saab 9-5 Sedan, 2010 and later

*Toyota Prius made after 2012

*Honda CRV, 2012 and later

*Volvo XC-60 starting in 2010

*Buick Enclave, 2011 and later.

If $20,000 is over your budget, it also has put together a list of "good choices" for under $10,000. And if you can't find a car from either list, you should look for a midsize or large car, an SUV or a minivan with the most safety you can afford.

Click the link for the complete list from the IIHS.

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