Automatic sandbagging machine will help flood-threatened communities

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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. —Sandbags have always been an inexpensive tool for flood control, soil fortification and protection when riverbanks overflow.  The only problem with them is putting the sand in the bag.

Now, thanks to a couple of inventors in Commerce City, there is a new way to bag sand, which will allow for reacting to a natural crisis, in a super effective way.

“We can bag hundreds of bags per hour,” said Greg Schaefer. “In fact, in just one minute the Quick-Fill system can bag about 15 40-pound bags. Bags which are all the same size and weight.”

We wanted to see the machine in action so I pitted my shoveling skills against the Quick-Fill.

Of course, just as a single horse can’t outrun a locomotive, I was able to fill one bag in the time the machine filled eight bags.

The product is on for the next week or so and you can find them on line at

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