Attorney General Holder’s race comments light fuse to controversy

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WASHINGTON -- Comments by Attorney General Eric Holder have ignited a firestorm of controversy. He says he believes race is behind some of the opposition to President Barack Obama's policies. Critics on the right pounced on Holder's remarks, accusing him of playing the race card.

Holder, speaking at historically black Howard University on Tuesday, called on Congress to expand the protections of the Voting Rights Act. Holder again waded into the issue of race.

"As it stands, our society is not yet colorblind; nor should it be, given the disparities that still afflict and divide us," he said. "We must be color brave and must never forget that all are made better and more prosperous if all are given equal opportunities."

His comments over the weekend that are getting all the attention surrounded Holder suggesting on some level race is a factor in the treatment he and the president receive from some segments of the public.

"There's a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that's directed at me (and) directed at the president," Holder said. "You know, people talking about taking their country back."

Democrats have also used the phrase "Taking their country back," referring to Republicans, including former President George W. Bush. But Holder is taking aim at those on the right calling for the impeachment of the president and the attorney general himself.

"There's a certain racial component to this for some people," he said. "I don't think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some there's a racial animus."

"I don't think it helps us, I don't think it takes us in the right direction in terms of making progress on dealing with this eternal issue we've got in America, which is to make sure that we are doing everything we possibly can do to fight racism.," said Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio.





  • Craig Smith

    What a racist scumbag. Everyone is just getting sick of that race card. Hey Holder, maybe you should work on family issues withuin your own race instead of blaming it on the bad white man.

  • Kae Mechiso

    Typical, white supremacists are hate mongers but La Raza and racist black supremacists get a free pass. They are all frightened, bigoted A$$ Holes only interested in themselves.

  • Tracy

    It has been known for years that Holder is a huge racist. Of course, what they don’t understand is that those of us who oppose Obama aren’t racist…we can’t stand his white half either!

  • ColoradoCOmmish

    It looks like the research is proven… a consensus of scientists share the opinion that “The Left’ (Liberals/Progressives/Democrats) simply cannot ever tell the truth…. often resorting to dodging, skirting, and evasion when they don’t have a credible or reasoned argument. Thanks, Mr. Holder, for helping to verify the findings.

  • blackbetty13

    All the white people crying race card…give me a freakin BREAK!! We all KNOW that a lot of the opposition to Obama IS because of his being black, so do NOT insult those of us with connected brain cells with your denial of what is evident. Do any of you know the data on the rise of white supremacist groups in good ol ‘Merica since Obama took office…so yeah, keep on with your denial, liars!

    • ColoradoCommish

      Enlighten us “BB”… Give us your credible evidence on the “rise of supremacist groups in good ol ‘Merica”.
      How on earth did Barack Hussein Obama get elected TWICE in such a “racist” country?
      Than… give me your honest, rational opinion on why, and how American’s like Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Tim Scott, Condoleeza Rice, Rod Paige, Alphonso Jackson, Clarence Thomas, Alan West, Artur Davis (FORMER Alabama Dem. btw), Mia Love, Bobby Jindal, Michal Steel, Nikiki Haley are becoming GREAT leaders in the Conservative Movement?… and there are many, many more names I could share with you…
      PS…. I’m not a “white people” either….

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