12 hurt, 1 dead in lightning strike in Rocky Mountain National Park

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ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK -- Twelve people were hurt and one male was killed by lightning Saturday afternoon, just a day after a woman was killed in another strike at Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Saturday strike happened about 3:30 p.m. at a viewing area in the Rainbow Curve portion of the park, a spokesman said. A group of tourists was at an overlook point near the timberline when lightning struck, officials said. One person was reportedly thrown over the side, suffering significant bumps and bruises.

Eight patients were at Estes Park Medical Center as of 6:15 p.m., according to spokesperson Kerrie Hill. Four other people were believed to be in triage at the scene.

Aside from one male who died at the hospital, the victims' conditions were not known.

One group affected by the strike was a family from Phoenix, Ariz.

According to emergency radio traffic, heavy rain may also have damaged some roads in the area.

Friday's strike killed one woman and injured seven other people. That strike occurred shortly after 1 p.m. on the Ute Crossing Trail, officials said.  The people were all hiking together.

Four of the surviving victims were treated and released. The other three remained hospitalized, but were expected to recover.

The deceased woman was identified as Rebecca R. Teilhet, 42, from Yellow Springs, Ohio.




  • Mary

    Maybe before going camping or hiking in a park, folks ought to familiarize themselves with lightning safety rules. There’s an article titled “Be Lightning Wise!” from the Boy Scouts in PDF format (if you Google that title, it will probably come up first) – it covers indoor and outdoor safety.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe before being quick to judge a situation you should have the facts. We were not camping or hiking. Just driving and stopped to use the washroom. There was no thunder, no lightning until the initial bolt. A lot of Monday armchair quarterbacks out there!

  • Anonymous

    We should have Bloomberg call Hickenloop to have lightning banned or restricted because so many people are getting hurt and killed lately

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