Westminster police defend 4:30 a.m. cell phone alerts

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- Westminster police located a missing autistic boy early Thursday morning. But some residents expressed irritation at part of the search effort -- "push" cell phone messages that woke thousands of people up at 4:30 a.m.




  • Jovan Bregu

    I received three calls last night. The first one was at 10:43 pm, the second one came at 4:20 am and the third one came at 4:53 am.
    By the second call I was annoyed, but by the third call I was upset. I could not sleep anymore and have been awake since.
    I do understand the pain of the parents though, who lost their child. In the meantime, the early morning calls kept me awake and messed up my entire day.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps you should have started out your day with an early morning walk to help search for the poor kid. How can you say you were “annoyed” or “upset” when there was a kid missing and in danger!?

  • Goats

    If it was my kid missing, I would not care if ten million people were slightly inconvenienced by a text message.

  • rhodee

    If it was my child I would appreciate it! I would gladly lose sleep if it meant that one of the people contacted knew who and where this child was!

  • Robert Gift

    ONE ALERT at 10:43 p.m. IS ENOUGH!!
    We have been informed. We can be on the look-out and help search if we wish.
    I NEED MY SLEEP. In EMS I have enough interruptions without additional NEEDLESS interruptions to my sleep.
    ON CALL, I may not turn off my cell phone.

    • Duh

      Oh poor baby how dare they send out alerts and try to find an AT RISK CHILD during your beauty sleep gosh what jerks….

      • Robert Gift

        Haha. You go to bed, tired, at 23:00.
        You get called out on a medical emergency at 23:43.
        You get home at 02:25.
        Then these idi0ts NEEDLESSLY awaken you at 04:20 for an alert you ALREADY KNOW ABOUT.
        Finally get back to sleep and the mor0ns re-awaken you 33 minutes later.
        Fo0ls should not be allowed to operate such a system.

    • Dexter

      You sir are a Disgrace to the ems profession. Volunteer or not u signed up and agreed to volunteer your time to help people in need and all I hear you doing is complaining about you getting sleep. You do realize that some of us don’t get the option of sleep so u should be so lucky. Maybe you should think about what your saying and doing as well maybe different options and honistly if I knew what agency you volunteered for I would personally see to it that you did not volunteer any longer because we do not need people with your attitude in the profession at all. Attitude is everything. You are responsible for a life every time u get called out. U don’t deserve that responsibility.

      • Robert Gift

        ^ Incorrect. I did not sign up to be NEEDLESSLY awakened by unnecessary “alerts”.
        One call, at 22:43, is enough. Get it?
        What increases when you are lacking sleep? Errors, diminished awareness, mistakes in judgement.
        (Why do you think 4 a.m. surgeries are postponed to later times when possible?)
        One who is responsible limits loss of sleep so that others are NOT harmed by mistakes or diminished awareness or falling asleep at the wheel. (Was it last week that an EMS crewmember fell asleep at the wheel?)
        You have been schooled.

  • andy

    As an EMT-P I would never complain about early morning alerts for a missing child. You are always whining and honestly no one cares if you are an EMT which you are always throwing out there. We signed on for civil service and this is part of what we do.

    • Robert Gift

      No, I am not an EMT. And I am not paid.
      At 23:23 I am awakened and perform my volunteer service and get home at 02:25. Then get up and go to work in the morning.
      Regardless if paid or not, NO NEED to be re-awakend at 04:23 for an alert I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT.
      Then RE-AWAKENED at 04:53.
      This is not about me.
      It’s about needless imposition inflicted upon others by m0rons.
      You have been schooled.

  • andy

    You’re looking for people to validate your decision to be in EMS and yet again as a civil service worker you should take the opportunity to help or at least have patience when someone is in need. No one cares that you are in EMS and you surely are not witty or smart enough to school anyone. You are a tool. Maybe a career change is in order since you seem to think helping people is such a burden.

    • Robert Gift

      Wrong. No need of anyone to validate anything.
      And, again, you miss the point.
      We need our sleep. Lacking sleep increases chance of accidents. Health can be affected.
      Maybe you know, perhaps not, that people lacking sleep can be in vehicle mishaps by “fading out” or falling asleep at the wheel.
      Some of us work for a living and need our sleep. No useless impositions into the privacy of our lives, needed.
      (Are you one who drives down vacant streets at 0200 with siren blaring? I know, you gotta warn dem trees.)

      I also e-mailed the National Weather Service about a 05:48 Winter Storm Warning which was to go into affect at 18:00.
      So that you can understand, the NWS expected it to snow later that night.
      Seeing snow falling would not be sufficient warning.
      You are welcome.

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