Lone Tree Target loses liquor license for 1 day

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The Target store in Lone Tree had to stop selling liquor after an employee sold some to a minor.

The Target store in Lone Tree had to stop selling liquor after an employee sold some to a minor.

LONE TREE, Colo. — The Target in Lone Tree had its liquor license suspended for one day after an employee was caught selling liquor to a minor.

A police spokeswoman said the city does regular liquor compliance checks in which an officer accompanies a underage person who tries to buy liquor.

An employee at the store near S. Yosemite Street and Lincoln Avenue was caught in a compliance check, said city spokeswoman Kristen Knoll.

The violation required the city to deny Target a license for Thursday. The store can resume selling liquor at midnight.



  • Robert Gift

    How much lo$$ in liquor sales for one day?
    Rather than inconvenience liquor purchasers, why not FINE Target 10% over the loss amount?
    Employee was careless? Or intentional?
    What did the underage purchaser look like?

    • Brett

      I used to work at Target and the employee(or ‘Team Member’) would have had to be VERY careless, or else it was intentional. If you yourself are under 18 then you can’t sell liquor. If you are above 18 then you can, but as soon as it is scanned you need to swipe the purchasers Driver’s Licence. Can’t just enter a birth date. The way around it is to hit the button that says ‘Guest looks over 40’. If we’re talking an underage person, it is doubtful they looked over 40. So either intentional or very very negligent.

      • Harriet Walsh

        Exactly. I worked there last year. You couldn’t even bypass the scanning of the i.d. on the systems we had. It wouldn’t allow us to even enter the info by hand to prevent this. And none of the leads would ever take that risk. I think there is more here.

  • Renfru Muldoon

    A small liquor store in my area was forced to close for 10 days and the owner and the employee, who sold a 6 pack of beer to an undercover 20 year old who looked 29,were both fined $500 dollars.

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