Bloomberg dismisses Colo. Springs, Pueblo as roadless, rural backwaters

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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at a groundbreaking ceremony in 2012. (Credit: CNN)

Michael Bloomberg speaks at a groundbreaking ceremony in 2012. (Credit: CNN)

DENVER — Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is popping off about Colorado in a new Rolling Stone interview and Republicans here, who have been blasting Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper for taking cues from Bloomberg on the state’s new gun laws, couldn’t be happier about it.

Asked about three Colorado Democrats being forced out of office by a recall movement that arose last summer after the legislature’s passage of laws expanding background checks and banning magazines of more than 15 rounds, legislation Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns lobbied hard for, the former mayor said this:

“The NRA went after two or three state Senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads. It’s as far rural as you can get. And, yes, they lost recall elections. I’m sorry for that. We tried to help ’em. But the bottom line is, the law is on the books, and being enforced. You can get depressed about the progress, but on the other hand, you’re saving a lot of lives.”

The successful recalls last September occurred in Colorado Springs, the state’s second largest city, and Pueblo, its seventh largest.

The gun laws did trigger a secession movement by 11 rural northeastern Colorado counties as well, something Bloomberg may have conflated with the recall efforts.

But for Colorado Republicans eager for any chance to remind voters of Bloomberg’s influence on their Democratic governor , the comments are an election year gift.

“Just for the record, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Jefferson County all have roads. I just traveled them,” said Bob Beauprez, Hickenlooper’s GOP challenger. “Michael Bloomberg’s infuriatingly ignorant remarks show how far removed he is from Colorado, and how wrong John Hickenlooper was to let Bloomberg force his radical agenda on Colorado.

“It’s pathetic a New York City Mayor had more influence in our governor’s office than our state’s sheriffs.”

Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call added: “This is what one of Sen. Udall and Gov. Hickenlooper’s top supporters thinks of Colorado.

“It’s astonishing that Gov. Hickenlooper would discuss important legislation with Mayor Bloomberg, who obviously doesn’t respect or understand the people of our great state, but refused to speak to Colorado sheriffs.  No wonder the governor lied to our state’s sheriffs, instead of admitting that he spoke to Mayor Bloomberg on multiple occasions.”

Hickenlooper himself reawakened last year’s gun debate in June when he told a group of Colorado sheriffs, most of which tried to sue him to overturn the gun laws (the suit was recently dismissed but is being appealed), that he hadn’t spoken with Bloomberg and that he agreed with them that the magazine ban is difficult to enforce and that the legislative process to pass it was too divisive.

Hickenlooper, who also told the sheriffs he was forced to sign that bill because a staffer promised he would, later told FOX31 Denver that his staff was following his orders and that he would sign the magazine ban into law again.

Republicans are also trying to link Udall to Bloomberg. Udall, who also faces reelection this fall, voted in favor of the Manchin-Toomey amendment last year that would have expanded gun background checks nationally, which couldn’t get the 60 Senate votes necessary to break a filibuster.

It’s tougher to to draw a straight line from Bloomberg to Udall, but Republican Cory Gardner’s campaign argues that Udall is already benefiting from Senate Majority PAC, which Bloomberg has contributed to, and possibly taken personal contributions from Bloomberg himself.

“Not since New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attacked Colorado’s way of life has an east coaster gotten us so wrong,” said Udall spokesman James Owens. “Christie and Bloomberg should stick to what they know best: traffic jams and tiny sodas.

“Mayor Bloomberg is way off base about Pueblo and Colorado Springs, two of Colorado’s strongest and proudest communities.”

Later Thursday, Hickenlooper’s campaign also responded to Bloomberg’s remarks.

“Colorado Springs and Pueblo are making us all proud right now and both have the economic momentum that brought their unemployment rate down by more than a third since John took office,” said Eddie Stern, Hickenlooper for Colorado spokesman.

“They’re incredible communities and John was in Colorado Springs yesterday with veterans promoting economic development and was in Pueblo recently signing a bill to improve train service and economic activity in the area.”



  • anon

    MYOB Bloomberg
    Colorado doesn’t need you!!! Stay in your own rat infested backyard if you can find one..

  • Anonymous

    Well, he might not think there’s roads out here, but that just shows how ignorant he really is… Roads or NO ROADS, we still don’t need his help… we need nothing from him.. we’ve been getting by OK without roads for a couple hundred years.. The Santa Fe Trail wasn’t a road. Most of the stage routes weren’t roads. ONe of the first roads was a “Rail Road”… But he forget, we’ve had guns all that time too, and we will keep them there guns and get rid of him..

    • Duke Paulsen

      (Re-Try) His High -A$#-Ness “Doomberg” seems to be confusing Colorado with “Back to the Future.” Quoting Professor Emmet Brown, “Roads, where we’re going — we don’t need roads”

  • Test

    Don’t worry, Bloomberg wrote his own ticket to Heaven, he’s trying to tell God what to do, it’s not like he’ll listen to us. BTW it is not like he does not know how poorly the “new laws” are being enforced, he’s just morally challenged.

  • luv2skico

    Let’s see. Apparently Colorado Springs, Pueblo and portions of the Arvada and Westminster suburbs of Denver are roadless? It would seem former Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t need to visit Colorado to smoke pot.

    Oh and he’s just as wrong about these feel-good laws being enforced. Most members of the Colorado Sheriff’s Association have stated publicly that they are unenforceable. This is why after a year of these laws being on the books, there is not one arrest or prosecution that has occurred.

    As for the NRA being involved, I can say with authority having worked on one of these recalls that they were nowhere to be found until the recalls were certified as sufficient by the secretary of state. The Pueblo plumbers borrowed $20K from their grandmother to finance the Giron recall. The Colorado Springs and SD19 recalls were a shoestring affair. The first SD19 recall raised about $6500. There was no NRA boogeyman bankrolling these recalls. The Colorado Republican Party chairman Ryan Call tried to undermine us at every opportunity. That’s a fact.

    After certification, we were outspent twenty to one. Go read the finance reports Bloomie. These are public records.

    • UBG

      I can say with authority that LUV2SKICO is absolutely correct. I volunteered and donated to all 3 of the recall efforts. Bloomy confuses being smug with being smart. I suspect that this delusion enables him to rationalize that he’s entitled to run our lives – after all, he knows best. That seems to be a trait common with pseudo-intellectuals and it’s dangerous.

      I don’t have any business telling you (presuming you’re not a violent criminal) how many rounds your magazine may hold, so neither do Bloomy, anyone else and the legislators.

  • Test

    There are thousands of NRA members in Colorado, it is OUR organization. Bloomberg is another Soros knockoff billionaire busybody with no ties to Colorado. He just spills some money here on occasion trying to buy friends and influence.

  • ACAV

    Wow, Mikey sure knows how to make friends & influence people….Hey Mikey, take your Billions and buy a clue, most people despise the ultra wealthy, and their pawns….

    • William Dooley

      While you’re waiting, get to work. Your county’s Republican organization needs people to stuff envelopes, make phone calls, walk door-to-door in precincts. Don’t just talk it. Co it.

  • Anonymous

    Just another rich progressive Democrat forcing his agenda on the people of Colorado. Just like his buddy Polis

  • Dale

    These elitist, wealthy, fascists from both coasts consider the rest of America as fly-over country full of rednecks and cows. STOP supporting them and the politicians they own. It’s our country.

  • opa

    Just which lives have been saved? Hmmmm? Which crimes have been prevented? Hmmmm? And don’t give me this, “X number of people trying to buy a gun have been turned down by the background checks!” That isn’t preventing anybody from committing a crime. The only effect these laws have is making it harder for the honest person to get a gun. Criminals don’t even bother with the process.

    • luv2skico

      This is true.

      Gun dealers are prohibited from calling in a NICS background check if the customer self identifies him/herself as disqualified when they fill out the 4473 form. There is no crime committed if they have been honest and the dealer is required by law to halt the transaction and send them on their way. He/she cannot transfer a gun to them nor sell them ammunition. Simple enough.

      However, when a customer willfully lies on the 4473 and signs the document, they are committing felony perjury. When the dealer runs the NICS BG check and the person is denied, then the law has been broken. Unless the person has open felony warrants and is a high priority fugitive, the CBI never follows up nor does local law enforcement. If a “dangerous” person is trying to buy a gun, then why don’t the cops come and arrest them? The answer is that in most cases, the cops don’t consider this person worth their time because they don’t consider them dangerous.

      The big city chiefs, prosecutors and politicos know this and they could care less. That canard they’re peddling about stopping crime is 100% bovine excrement.

      • Test

        Of course, the big lie is the most of the “prohibited” persons are dangerous. If these folks are so dangerous why let them out of jail? Why let them buy an ax, a butcher knife or drive a semi truck or a tour bus? Democrats peddle fear and useless solutions.

  • Trainofabuses

    1. As pointed out above, the NRA did their best to stop the recalls and only jumped in toward the end after the true grass roots had set everything up.

    2. The sheriffs openly state they refuse to enforce the law, so how is it being enforced in almost all of the state?

    3. As crazy senator giron said, Bloomberg’s gun banning case was over when they were recalled. Giron’s district voted for Obama by 20 points and she was blown out by double digits.

    4. The irony of all these leftists who love to accuse their opponents of “racism” being big supporters of Bloomberg is too much! The guy had his cops stop and frisk just about every non white and non Asian they saw just for walking down the sidewalk. Bloomberg supports the 2nd amendment about as much as he does the 4th.

    5. Gun control is a political loser almost everywhere in the nation, and it is typically urged on by hypocrites like Bloomberg who always has multiple armed thugs with him, even in nations like Bermuda where firearms are banned totally. His views on pueblo and co springs not having roads show the elitist billionaire view of anyone not in the 1% of wealth and power. Christmas came early for the CO GOP.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget that the 2 Senators who won the Recall elections are up for reelection THIS NOVEMBER!!! No doubt Bloomberg will be funding their opponents! Make sure to donate to Senator Bernie Herpin and Senator George Rivera.

  • Sunrie

    Uh…he means the laws AREN’T being enforced, right? No, of course he doesn’t. Caveman Bloomberg is completely clueless. This is the mentality of the democrats, and I’m glad they’re baring it in full pride.

  • Geoffrey

    Just think about this come November, are you going to vote for a Democrat that gets feed by bloomberg or are you going to do the right thing?

  • Stymie

    The mob has controlled unions there for decades. Christie has Atlantic City going in the toilet and Newark looking like Compton. We need guns in North Aurora.

  • Mary

    Just a reminder for you folks who believe that Bloomberg is a Democrat. He ran for mayor of NYC in 3 “parties” (and won each time):
    Democratic (Before 2001)
    Republican (2001–2007)
    Independent (2007–present)

    Who knows what he’ll try next!

    • Test

      Remember Forest Gump? Stupid is as stupid does. Bloomberg is indeed a Democrat based on his actions. He talks like a Democrat, he acts like a Democrat. He and Soros are peas in a pod.

  • Anonymous

    Gee Mr. Bloomberg, a couple facts. The NRA had little to do with the recalls. That was a bunch of pissed off grassroots type folks. Two, the laws are not being enforced. I have yet to hear of a single case being filed let alone prosecuted. However I have heard multiple Sheriff’s say the laws are BS and they and their Deputies will NOT enforce them.

  • Dick Peabody

    Just remember come November that there were a whole bunch of commie dems puffing on Bloomberg’s pole last year. Not just the Hick. Tony Sanchez is running against one of them in Dist. 22.

  • Joel

    Then Mayor Hicklooper: “Colorado and Wyoming are very similar. We have some of the same, you know, backwards thinking in the kind of rural Western areas you see in, you know, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico.” Oct. 2010.

  • Red Dawn "WOLVERINES"

    I just started working with cory gardners campaign. I urge coloradoans pissed off by govenor Hippylicker and YOUDOLL to volunteer against Udall, Ckickenpooper and Romanslob. I am going to keep suggesting we run ads showing Bloomdogs assocaition with Hick and Udall and use his words and pictures of these guys with Oblowme and beat it over the demss heads like captain americas vibranium shield up until the election.

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