Beagle missing from Fort Collins, found after being hit by car in Boulder

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Having a dog hit by a car is the worst thing imaginable for most pet owners. But for David Snyder and his Beagle TJ, it seemed like a miracle.

TJ went missing some seven weeks ago from Snyder's Fort Collins-area home, the City of Boulder reported. Multiple people reported seeing the dog running around loose, and Snyder even chased a Beagle-mix he believes was TJ  around LaPorte. But no one was able to catch the dog.

Reports about the dog stopped in early June, leading Snyder to worry that TJ had been permanently lost or killed, animal officials said.

Unbeknownst to Snyder, Boulder Animal Control began getting calls about a dog-at-large in the area of 15th Street and Lee Hill Road in Boulder near the end of June. After numerous failed efforts to catch it, the dog was finally found on July 9 after being hit by a car -- badly injured, but alive.

While working to save the dog, Boulder Animal Control officers discovered a microchip that proved it was TJ.

Snyder said he believes TJ wandered to LaPorte before making his way to Boulder -- a journey of at least 50 miles.

TJ’s injuries are so severe that one of his legs may need to be partially amputated, but he is expected to survive, animal officials said. He is resting comfortably, back at home with his owner.




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