After Marine’s death, others help family remodel their home

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- Marine Cpl. Sean Terry died after battling cancer for seven months. He made it home alive from two tours of duty in the Middle East, but couldn’t defeat with the aggressive form of cancer that took his life.

“He was diagnosed in September and died on Easter,” said his wife Robyn Terry. “When he passed, the yard fell into disrepair, the fence fell three times and the deck was getting too dangerous for our three daughters.”

When a marine buddy asked workers at Home Depot — which has more than 35,000 veterans working in its stores -- if they could help Robyn Terry out, the answer was a resounding YES.

“Our company was founded with helping and employing vets as one of the cornerstones,” said Charley McCourt. “For us, it was a no brainer to help repair and in fact build a new fence, deck and even a dog house for the family pooch.”

A two-day project will see the back yard transformed almost overnight. And to round out the project, one of the Home Depot vet/volunteers even presented the family with a new Marine flag to fly over the garage…replacing the last one Sean Terry put up before he passed away.