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Protect your eyes from the sun’s rays

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DENVER -- You protect your skin from the sun, but it’s just as important to shield your eyes from the harmful and intense rays to avoid the risk of eye problems down the road.

Reserachers say people with a light eye color, like blue, green or hazel are more susceptible to problems caused by sunlight.  Some medications can also increase your sensitivity to sunlight.

Children have extra sensitive skin..and eyes and need to be watched closely for any changes in their vision.

Dr. Alan kozarsky says, “you can get skin cancers and skin growths on your eyelids just like other areas of skin and internally, you can get issues that are related to, excess amounts of sun and uv light.”

Medical experts say guarding your eyes from harsh sunlight can prevent problems like vision loss and even cataracts that can develop.

The first step is getting a good pair of sunglasses.  Make sure the sunglasses you choose have a full range of protection against UV rays.

Adults and children should wear shades labeled 100 percent UV protection.

Doctors say wear them even if it’s cloudy because  clouds don’t stop the UV rays., and never, ever stare directly at the sun for any amount of time.

For information about protecting your eyesight and skin from the sun visit

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