Rockies owner responds to fan’s complaint

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DENVER -- A disgruntled Rockies fan took to the team's website to voice a complaint.

His venting didn't go unnoticed as he received an email from the Rockies owner, telling him "if you don't like the product, if you don't like the experience, don't come."

Justin Joseph reports.



    • Anonymous

      roberta, you must be one of those internet tough guys huh. i think your stupid and so is your stupid team

      • Robert Gift

        ^ [R]oberta, you must be one of those i[I]nternet tough guys[,] huh.[?] i[I] think your[you’re] stupid and so is your stupid team[.]
        Do you not understand the word “retort”?

  • maria

    First of all, they need to edit their spelling. Complaint and compliant are two different words. Second, since they don’t allow comments on the stories for obama. let me just say I figured out what that horrible stench was after reading he was here in Colorado. Has sort of an illegal scent to it.

  • anon

    Stinks to be a Rockies Fan, we have more runs scored than any teams, yet remain in the cellar

  • Old Coyote

    Dear Dick Monfort: After you and MLB screwed up the World Series tickets so badly (and I am convinced it was intentional, so you could double your money on the secondary market,) I have attended zero games, listened to zero games on the radio, and purchased zero Rockies branded gear. You should be tarred and feathered for taking all the tax money you did.

  • Mark Sawyer

    Why does Dan O’Dud still have a JOB. He assembled the WORST pitching staff in the history of MLB, yet he still has a job. I’d like to see the Monforts sell the team to someone who has a clue and a desire to win, not just take the money and run.

  • Mary

    I wonder if Monfort REALLY wants the fans to stay home in droves as he told the fan. I was unaware that MLB had television “revenue sharing” like the NFL does.

  • dan cha

    As a long time Denver Broncos, and current, season ticket holder i could never imagine a responsible owner i.e. Pat Bowlen ever responding to a fan the way Monfort did. The Philosophy is different between the Broncos and the Rockies. The Broncos strive to win championships: The Rockies strive to keep the 20th and Blake money printing press rolling..As Monfort knows fans will continue to hand over major league money to watch minor league play. Status quo at 20th and Blake.

    • Oracle Of Delphi

      Nicely said. you should leave feed back t0o. I’ve heard from some reliable sources he actually reads the feedback.

  • Elwood

    Monfort stated that the Rockies are a “draft and development team”. I guess that means draft players develop them for the major league then trade them off to teams that want to win.

  • Butch Buckley

    Some of the highest attendance and revenue numbers in the league but still the basement in payroll. Why pay to build a team when you don’t have to! Greed at its finest!

  • Christopher Rivera

    I am from East Moline Ilini I had the bast time in Coors Field when I saw the Cubs versus the Rockies

  • Connie

    If you think this is bad, Justin Joseph should take a look at the rudeness that Monfort used in an email to my son regarding this situation. The man is a terrible person and as much as I love the Rockies I can’t accept the rudeness that this guy displays towards the fans. I think I will have to choose a real team to cheer for and spend my money on.

  • K diddy

    Come on guys… you guys almost won the world series back in 07 don’t be band wagon jumpers, maybe next year hahaha

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