Prince Fielder bares all for ESPN Magazine cover

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The annual ESPN Magazine Body Issue features world class athletes in the nude, but one of the new cover models isn’t exactly known for his world class body.

Baseball player Prince Fielder’s body has been the subject of far more jokes than praise, but now that he is baring all many people are applauding the inclusion of an athlete with a different kind of body type.

Rockies fans may not cheer for Prince Fielder on the field, but some are cheering his new magazine cover.

"I think it's great,” said one fan. “It makes the average, ordinary, beer-drinking guy feel a lot better."

The first baseman’s body has been the butt of several jokes over the years. Video of his failed slide during the Detroit Tigers’ playoff run went viral, and so did a video clip of him stealing a nacho from a fan during a game.

Despite the criticism of Fielder’s fitness level over the years, Marty Lavine, co-owner of Push Fitness in Denver, says he’s impressed by Fielder’s body now that it is on full display.

"If you saw him in his uniform you would kind of think he'd be tubby, but he's solid," Lavine says.

Lavine says a look at Fielder’s ankles shows that, despite his large body, he’s not carrying a lot of excessive fat.

"You can really see the outline of all his tendons and his calf muscles," Lavine says. "We're all different body types and we can't all be molded into the American Ninja Warrior look."

Fans seem to agree.

"I think it would be great for body Image,” Rockies fan Michelle Adsit says. “I think more people look like him than the ripped athletes."

But what do the athletes think?

Rockies All Star Troy Tulowitzki says Prince is showing more than skin with his photo.

"It goes to show that's why this sport is special,” Tulowitzki says. “You don't have to be a certain way. You can be on the bigger side, you can be very skinny. Everybody can be successful in this game."

Just don’t expect Tulo to strike a similar pose.

"Obviously that was his choice,” Tulowitzki says. “It was something I would never do."


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