Police: SWAT activity in Lakewood after man shoots himself in leg

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- SWAT officers were on scene in Lakewood after receiving reports that a man had shot a dog.

Officers were called to the intersection of W. 17th Avenue and Depew Street Tuesday afternoon on reports that a dog had been shot, Lakewood Police Department spokesman Steve Davis confirmed.

Davis said police also received reports that another party had been shot in the leg.

However, officers were unable to locate the victim.

An additional party sustained a lower leg injury due to the ricochet from the bullet, Davis added.

Further investigation revealed that the incident was sparked by a neighborhood dispute. A man tried to fire at his neighbor's dog, but accidentally shot himself in the leg.

Davis said the dog was hit, but not seriously injured.

He added that the situation had been "resolved," and law enforcement is no longer looking for anyone.

This story will be updated as more information arrives.



  • Anonymous

    Hmm must be looking for another officer since they love shooting people’s dog’s so much

    • Geoffrey

      I’m sure you were present at all dog shootings in the last year to give us first hand feed back to little S O B.

      I bet you’re the first to call 9-1-1 whenever you hear the wind!

  • Jo Mama

    Geoffrey, are you a cop? You treat people like you are. Most people become cops cause they’re too afraid to become soldiers but they still want to be able to tell themselves they are heroes while they’re crying themselves to sleep at night. Cops are cowards. A SWAT team cause somebody shot a dog? lol What a joke.

    • Geoffrey

      What about soldiers that ETS and become Cops afterwards?

      If you story doesn’t work backwards and forwards then you need to try something else!

      and saying most people become cops because they want to be heros, how many cops do you personally know?

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