Meet the mom better known as ‘The Badass Breastfeeder’

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  • Travis havicc

    Just what I want to see when I go to lunch. A women breast feeding her 3 year old. I think it’s unnecessary to breast feed in public but I can totally understand if its a baby. But not a child who can chew solid food. This women is a total nut.

  • shaneequa Torres

    I mean I breastfeed in public but in my car with a blanket over so it wouldn’t be an issue if anyone was to see. This lady right here its ridiculous at 3 he should already be drinking regular milk and eating regular food .!! Or at least cover it up!

  • Amanda

    What is ridiculous is you people. You obviously do not know the benefits that are reaped from nursing your child. I am sure that is exactly what she is trying to do , grab attention, no she is definitely not trying to give her children a nutrient packed drink that also has anti-bodies from everything thing she has come in contact with which provides immunity to. I have done the nurse in the car thing and it is terrible, there is no reason I should have to hide in a car or restroom or even cover up although I do believe in being modest, i will personally not sit around with it hanging all out but will nurse without a cover discretely. REAL MILK? That is real milk, if kids still like drinking milk for this amount of time then why not give them the milk that is made for them human milk not cows milk? Have you ever tried to cover up a baby that is moving around, not to mention how hot it is? It is a shame how this beautiful things has become such taboo to some people. I am nursing my baby who is almost 2 and she will hardly drink anything but milk I guess I should tell her to get off and get on some cows milk. Stop hating, you should be happy someone is selfless enough to continue to give their little ones the best nursing past the first year is not easy.

  • Michael

    In the Bible children were completely weaned at 2 years of age. I don’t think a child should be breastfed beyond 2 years of age.

  • Mamaishtari

    Here’s the answer, people, the RIGHT way to raise your children. This is it. Are you ready?

    DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR FAMILY!!!! If it works for your family, it’s the right way. If that means nursing until age 3 and beyond, that’s the right way. If that means that you hate nursing and want to formula feed because nursing is getting in the way of your bonding, then formula feed and that’s the right way.

    Yes, I have my judgements of other people’s parenting, and as my own parenting whoooshes increase over time (that’s the sound of “When I’m a parent I won’t…” going right out the window) I’ve gotten bitten in the butt by my own judgments. One of the best lessons of parenting ever.

    If nursing in public isn’t for you, don’t nurse in public. If tandem nursing isn’t for you, don’t tandem nurse.

    Abby, you rock it, sister! Keep advocating and doing what works for your family!!!!!

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