1 killed after water truck rear-ends car in Weld County

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A semi collided with a small sedan in Weld County Tuesday, killing one. (Credit: Weld County Sheriff's Office)

WELD COUNTY, Colo. — One person was killed when a water truck rear-ended a small sedan in Weld County on Tuesday, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson said the two-vehicle accident was reported shortly before noon near the intersection of Highway 392 and County Road 57, which is near the town of Gill about 18 miles northeast of Greeley.

Highway 392 was closed between county roads 55 and 59 while the authorities investigated the crash Tuesday afternoon. There was no timetable given for when the highway would reopen.

The car involved in the accident was a green Honda Civic. A sheriff’s spokesperson said three individuals were in the vehicle at the time of the crash, and one victim was pronounced dead at the scene. At least one more was treated for injuries at the scene and released.

The cause of the accident was still under investigation as of 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, but a sheriff’s office said drugs and alcohol were not believed to have played a role in the crash.

The sheriff’s office also could not confirm whether all parties involved in the crash were wearing seat belts as of early Tuesday afternoon.



    • Anonymous

      Must be the roustabout company out there.. Careless driving.. Terrible someone lost their life

      • Anonymous

        don’t go blaming roustabout! you don’t know what happened maybe the car could of floored it and got out of the way and been paying more attention to what is behind him

  • Christy

    This kind of stuff happens numerous times a week… we live on 392 and the amount of emergency vehicles that go by are unreal.. we have 2 small children who ride the bus and have to get on (on 392) imagine my horror numerous times a year watching tractor trailers barely realizing the bus is stopped and trying to stop their truck… We had a tractor trailer miss a car and get into oncoming traffic ( kids stopped bus) just to avoid the car which it did. However came 10 feet from a complete stop before hitting the bus head on.. not funny, they need to slow down.. too many roads and houses ( that people turn onto or live) on our road !!

    • J L Jacobs

      Google truck run. School bus stop sign. I believe that’s the name if it you can see a child’s shadow near the bus the a semi passes on the right side…….so terrifying

  • David Hoffman

    The article mentioned the lack of informaton about seat belt usage. From the photograph I doubt proper seatblet usage by the people seated in the rear seat of the Honda would have been helped by correct seatbelt use. Sometimes the big truck just is going to dominate in a vehicle collision. Sad situation.

  • Kathy Hlinak

    To “ANONYMOUS” & Robert Gift: Does anyone EVER think, the car may have braked suddenly & the truck couldn’t stop in time????? The general public has no idea how often cars cut off semis, or “sneak” in front of a semi where the driver CAN’T see them!!! Truck drivers HAVE given up their lives too numerous of times because cars/small vehicles cause the accident, but no one cares about that or remembers or thinks about that. YES, I know this from personal experience!!!

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Yes, such is always considered.
      Here it appears thathe car was stopped or close to stopped and hit from behind by the truck braking from traveling at the speed limit.
      If cut off, the speeds would have been similar and impact much less.
      Was the truck driver distracted or falling asleep and noticed too late?
      When I stop, or stop to turn left from such a road, I keep wheels straight and monitor what is approaching from behind.
      If it appears that I will be hit, I will “floor it” and lessen or avoid impact.

  • D.C.

    Such quick judgement on the truck driver. We drive that way to Greeley (from sterling) and we see accidents like this all the time in those roads. Traffic is heavy for a 2 lane high way. Wait to see what comes from the report. Cars drive around the semis weaving in and out to get around. Near misses if head ons with on coming traffic. Shouldn’t jump to immediate conclusion the semi driver was completely at fault. That’s a HORRIBLE road and people speed down it all the time.

  • C.T.

    We drive this road daily and I can’t tell you how often the semis top the hill in the middle of the road or almost run us of f the road. As with anyone else they should stay back far e nough to be able to stop. it I s called defensive driving as we all have to do! They know what it takes for them to stop. I know this road and he obviously was behind them at least a mile.

  • Anonymous

    I came by this crash about 5 min after it happened and number one the all around roustabout guy was not careless driving. number two right before that intersection is a hill plus the people in the Honda were going to turn north across traffic they could of looked behind them and noticed that the semi may not be able to stop in time and floored it and gone another mile to turn. nobody knows the whole situation but don’t go blaming the truck driver just because you listen to the media about truck drivers being “bad”! also yes he could of gone over to the right to avoid hitting the car but he could not move too far over and in a split second you cant react that easily!

    • Robert Gift

      It is the truck driver’s responsibility (and anyonelse’s responsibility) to be slow enough cresting a hill that he/she can stop in time to avoid hitting someone stopped beyond the crest. No excuse.
      If you do not have more than a “split second” you are driving FAR TOO FAST for conditions. No excuse.
      The car has every right to stop and wait for opportunity to turn left.
      What you have stated reveals that the truck driver is 100% to blame.
      [“of” is not “have”]

    • J L Jacobs

      Agreed…….truck drivers get a horrible name due to society the way it currently is.. just like a train takes longer to stop a truck also does. Not all completely according to the weight or size either by the way. If anyone is interested in more so check out air brake systems. So weight, then braking system, plus size increasing the stopping distance. So if your on a road with a loaded tractor trailer remember at 55 stopping distance could be up 300 feet!!! That is a football field!!!!!

      • Robert Gift

        ^ Meaning if you can’t stop in less than 300 feet and your sight-distance is less then 300 feet, YOU MUST SLOW enough that you CAN stop before hitting someone coming into view.
        This driver should have been slow enough and should have veered right and MISSED the stopped car.
        (No comparison to a train which travels ITS OWN right of way and ALWAYS has right of way and has marked and often signaled grade crossings.)

  • Anonymous

    And if you Driver slow all that does is encourage cars to pass you because your not going fast enough for them. Creating more dangers of head on crashes that will be even worse.how many times have you passed away semi or got in front of one at all stop light it’s all the same thing. You leave room to safely stop and next thing you know it’s gone.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ We must slow as necessary for conditions – such as cresting a hill or approaching a blind curve.
      Must be able to stop in time before hitting something already in the road.
      If someone pulls into the space ahead of me, I coast and open up a new safe-stopping space.

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