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Park County teen takes action against invading bear

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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BAILEY, Colo. -- They say up on Crow Hill, Rose Hill has a new nickname, following her encounter with a black bear which had broken into the family garage.

“I just heard all this commotion and came running with a pair of shotguns I use for competitive shooting,” said Rose Hill. “I was face-to-face with the bear when my dogs chased it out of the garage through a hole the bear made going after dog food.”

Rose Hill says she had split seconds to decide what to do, she fired once and the bear reared up, then she fired twice more sending the bear running.

I had three shells loaded in each shotgun, after hitting the bear three times, she kneeled, took aim and hit it three more times. The bear tumbled over the side of the mountain and died.

Park County law enforcement says she did the right thing when seconds counted. “Anyone has the right to defend themselves against wildlife if they feel threatened.”

They are calling Rose “Grizzly” Rose now … a living legend in Baily and Park County.



    • Richard lane

      What a “lib”? Don’t be such an a-hole. Liberal minded people in Colorado hunt , too, or didn’t you know that/ And what do you have against Boulder?

  • Craig Smith

    Finally the news not demonizing guns! Im surprised they showed this, it doesnt fit into the “EVIL GUN NEWS” which is all we see anymore. Good going Rose!

  • bouldernative28

    “I was face-to-face with the bear when my dogs chased it out of the garage through a hole the bear made going after dog food.” Ok so if the dogs chased it out of the garage why did she follow it outside and then shoot it. Sounds like the dogs had it under control

  • Waterguy

    Hopefully they learned to store edibles like dog food somewhere other than the garage, which is highly advised against by CPW and all wildlife agencies. Pretty common knowledge among Bailey area residents: don’t leave bird feeders out, don’t put garbage out until morning of pick up, store all edibles, including pets, inside secure enclosure. An quarter inch thick garage door panel held in by a half inch ledge in a 1×1 board is not something that is going to stop a hungry squirrel, let alone a larger wild animal. This bear did what bears do, they search for food by following odors. The fact the family dogs had already chased the bear out of the garage means the bears was scared and leaving. There wasn’t any danger to the girl or her animals, the bears was leaving, but when you have a hammer (or firearms) everything looks like a nail (or a target you get to shoot at) instead of using your superior human intellect to assess the situation and cause. Among the locals, she is not being celebrated, but rather vilified for destroying the native wildlife needlessly. Only by the drama and controversy seeking Denver TV station is she being celebrated. Had this been a human intruder that understood breaking and entering, intruding on private property, forcing way in a closed building, then different story, definitely justified in her shooting and killing. But shooting fleeing wildlife and having to chase it to empty the second gun into it is not justifiable.

    • Robert Winn

      What a stupid comment. If you can not store stuff in your garage then what is the point? The bear broke into the garage making a huge hole. It would have done the same thing to the house. Simply put we have way too many bears, no way to truly hunt them and as a result they are overpopulated and will continue to be problems no matter what feel good things you do to try and prevent it. I watched a bear break in a car window for a candy bar wrapper. No food or anything. If it was not for stupid liberals who banned hunting with dogs we would not have nearly the number of bear problems we do. Bears used to be afraid of dogs, now they are a food source. People used to pay to hunt bears and the population was kept in check by hunting, now we are paying the government to shoot them out of dumpsters…

    • Dick Peabody

      Yes Robert Winn, waterguy’s comment is rather stupid—and elitist second-guessing. I’ve NEVER seen CPW bear advisories warn against storing food in a closed garage and if this bear was still within shotgun range it was close enough to be a danger and probably NOT moving away very quickly. Bailey’s close enough to Denver to have it’s fair share of tree-hugging urban liberal transplants and that’s what Waterguy sounds like. Maybe he could get a government job inspecting garage doors and fining those who don’t meet his standards.

    • Anonymous

      You have never been in aggressive bear territory by your comment. Do the world a favor and shut up

    • Anonymous

      For a predatory animal To cause extensive damages in or to a person’s residents is posing a threat shows with no concern or fear of humans. In such response the animal needed to be shot.

  • hurley

    No SCOTT the liberal mindset would be to let the bear attack Rose, it’s his “right” after all.

    • Richard lane

      Liberal mindset? Guess you nothing about people with a liberal mindset. I’m one, I hunt, and I thinkl this is a great story and she did what was the correct thing to do. Don’t group everyone by what you perceive to be a “liberal mindset”; it just proves that you have no clue what a “liberal mindset” is.

  • Debby Curry Seguin

    We have known Rose and her family for YEARS. She is an advocate for wildlife and taking responsible care of it. She is not some wild teen looking for a thrill. I can assure you, she felt threatened, and as such, needed to defend herself. Perhaps it bothers you that she is a skilled shooter and seemed to know what she was doing. Being a well-trained shooter does NOT mean she “enjoyed it” or “got a thrill” and does NOT mean you are not an advocate for wildlife. All the hunters I know have the utmost respect for wildlife and are the ones doing the most and giving the most time and money to protect it. If there are too many of a certain type of animal, their herds become sick and malnourished, many die of starvation. Hunting is necessary at times. Protecting yourself is necessary at times.

  • Tim

    She heard commotion in the garage and “came running with two shotguns.” Glad it wasn’t the neighbor kid. She was face-to-face with the bear, but dogs scared it through a hole it had made. She had to then exit the garage, pursue the bear before she shot it multiple times. Bottom line, she did not have to kill the bear. Yeah, go ahead, make a hero out of her. It will only encourage people to “feel threatened” by fleeing animals before they kill them.

  • Jerry

    She should have urinated or tried to vomit on the attacking Black Bear. Sriously though, when predators decide to become predatory is when Joe and Jane citizen must take action to defend themselves and their private property from the many varieties of predators that are out there. Kudos to the girl, as well as her mother and father for raising such a upstandig young adult.

  • Dave Allen

    I love how reporters just make stuff up as fact.
    “They are calling Rose “Grizzly” Rose now … a living legend in Baily and Park County.”
    Sorry, no she’s not a living legend in “Baily” (sic) and Park County. The locals are talking about how they have avoided shooting bears that visit their houses. They are talking about how easy bears are to scare off and how they live peacefully with bears, even though they are sometimes a nuisance.
    This family is from Texas, where they shoot anything and everything – even cows. That explains a lot. Shooting a retreating bear and chasing it and shooting it was uncalled for. She should be charged by the Colorado Division of Wildlife and forced to attend a “Living in Bear Country” class.

    • Mark

      Not always; sometimes they are aggressive. My neighbor was charged by one but her dogs came to her aid, fortunately. I have cleared several deer carcasses that were bear kills near my house and another neighbor had a Lama taken down by one. They can be unpredictable especially in the spring. So far, I have never had a problem with any of the predators near my home and my German Shepherd takes care of the problem for the most part. Yes, I get all the tree hugging garbage fliers that say shout and throw rocks at the bears to scare them away, which can be really stupid advice in some circumstances. Whether this kid could have done something different isn’t for me to say; I wasn’t there. However, I will absoltely say that her life is far more important then the bear’s; and I am happy that she has the ability to defend herself.

    • neighbor

      I watched the whole thing from my back deck. The bear was on the run. It was stupid for her to shoot and it did not need to be shot. This is not the 1st time she has shot at this bear. She’s trigger happy, always shooting her gun at night. She should be punished. There are many houses in the area… it was not safe for her to be shooting. As far as I know the bear wasn’t killed. How big was it? Where is it? So now we have an angry wounded bear running around… rather than a bear that is occasionally a nuisance….awesome. Maybe she should keep her garage door closed.

      • Unknown

        Hi Neighbor, Are these the same people that set up a shooting range tent on the side of the hill next to their driveway?

      • Anonymous

        Neighbor, did you not see the hole in the closed garage door? if not, then I question what you did see, how big was it, you ask….what difference does that make? Are you suggesting a 150 pound bear is less of a threat than a 400 pound bear at close quarters, unless you were right next to the girl, you have no idea what the threat level was to her mind. If she wounded it in a threat situation, common sense would cause her to finish the animal off. You really want a wounded bear in your neighborhood?

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with you, this is very disgusting to me, there were other ways, this is nothing for a mother or anyone to be bragging about… My heart goes out to this bear, she way over did it, I pity the people who live around these people what a joke..

  • Concerned

    A so called “Legend”. No, I don’t think so, a legend doesn’t go shooting after a fleeing bear. Why the hell would you chase after a bear whom you already shot it and it was fleeing? What about the Park County Police? They seem to have just gone off of her word. She shot at the bear, but where was it found and why were the cops then with her searching for it after the whole fiasco? How do we know for sure she actually killed it?


    There should be a punishment for this girl. Just because you know how to shoot off a gun doesn’t justify shooting a fleeing animal six times. I wouldn’t consider chasing after it to shot it any form of self defense. I have lived in the Bailey-Conifer area my entire life and I have never had an issue shooing away a bear. If she was going to use the gun to scare it off she should be shooting off the gun above and away from any houses and away from the bear.There was no reason for her to have used a gun.

  • unknown

    I am all for self defense when people break into your house or your being ACTUALLY attacks by a bear, considering I am a conservative myself (as many have posted on here that being one is a “bad” thing). I honestly just wished she shot in the air to scare the bear, instead of wounding it like she did. I live in a mountain town as well and as many of us know up here that wildlife will be at your back door. However, nobody is that stupid to shoot at an animal widely unless the animal itself caused any real danger. There is a real difference between protecting yourself and causing harm.

  • Anonymous

    This is a really troubling story. I agree with many of you, taking that many shot was unneccessary and certainly gives a negative light on the whole situation. My heart goes out to this bear because I love all living creatures, if that makes me bad whatever, guess I am. We have invaded their world with our homes. I truly believe there were other ways to handle this and by bragging about it on TV sickens me as humans beings we have a long way to go.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe a adult would attack the moral character of a 15 year old girl defending her home and her pets. I am proud to be from the TEXAS, I am proud to know Rose and extremely proud not to be from Colorado. I pray God forgives you for your simple minded comment and I thank him for keeping Rose safe.

  • common sense

    This idiot needs to go back to Texas. You live like a pig in the mountains your going to draw in the bears. Like above the bear ran out and she chased after it with guns ablazing. Typical. When I was hunting with my dad a few years back a fellow hunter from Texas shot a elk right out from under him. At least they were kind enough to give him his saddle back. And for the news to make this out like she’s some kind of hero?? I’ve come across several bear in my lifetime as I am a avid hiker and fisherman and they have always turned tail and hauled butt when they seem me. What a waste. Go back where you come from.

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Rosie Posie!! I’m so proud to say I know you! You did what you had to do to protect your house….if you wouldn’t have blown that bear away it could’ve come back and things could’ve been much much worse. You can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take Texas out of the girl!!

  • Timber

    Incredible. I am a Conifer resident 18 years now. I have been rushed by a bear two times. Bears are at our house two or three times per week most years. I know which neighbors feed them, and feed the deer and that brings the mountain lions which have killed deer in our yard. I have small kids. I applaud this young girl. I cannot believe anyone would say a thing negative about a young girl in the heat of the adrenilin rush- dogs barking and going crazy, door torn up, alone, bear standing -which is definitely aggression. Come on. Get real folks she did exactly the right thing and saved herself, her pets and prevented more property damage. And also protected her whining complaining animal feeding neighbors. Go girl! My 9 year old is right behind you with her gun safety card and targets set up….oh my, in the yard!

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