Man suing after being caught sleeping at baseball game

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NEW YORK — A baseball fan who was caught on camera by ESPN sleeping at a Yankees game is now suing the network.

The New York Post reported Andrew Rector has filed a $10 million lawsuit against ESPN. Rector is claiming he was defamed by the announcers, Dan Shulman and John Kruk.

Rector was in the stands and appeared to be sleeping with his head hanging to the side when he was spotted by a cameraman.

“It’s not the place you come to sleep,” one of the announcers said.

Rector admitted he fell asleep for a brief time during the April 13 game between the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees.

According to the lawsuit, Shulman and Kruk allegedly began an “unending verbal crusade” against him.

“These unmitigated verbal onslaughts crossed the line between reporting on sport and abuse against the plaintiff without reasonable cause or restraint,” Rector’s suit said.

ESPN declined to discuss the suit.



  • Sarah

    I can’t even find the words to comment on this pathetic situation. The greedy lawyers and politicians have truly ruined this country. I can only hope there is a hell.

  • John Meyers

    Now I don’t believe in filing a law suit over this. I do believe the announcers owe him an apology. No one knows his situation. He may have been up for a long time or has a medical condition as was the case for me. I was diabetic and fell asleep all the time in the movies etc. Until I got it under control it just happened. So don’t be judgmental of anyone you don’t know personally.

    • Anonymous

      Cry some more won’t you really grow up kindergarten is over. If you never ever want to be criticized then never go out of your home or talk to anyone even online that way your feelings don’t get hurt

  • Dan Cha

    After some ball park franksl I get sleepy too. Mommy, those bad men made fun of me.What should I do? Now now, little billy, we will sue them for ten million dollars and you can have all the ball park franks you want….

  • Nick

    The best part is that no one actually knew who this guy was but now the entire nation knows he is a crybaby.
    As for the announcers. Yes it’s funny that someone was sleeping at a game but in all honesty, it’s hard to stay awake when absolutely nothing happens for the first 3 hours LOL. Laughing and cracking a joke would be appropriate but going on about it when the guy paid good money for his ticket is ridiculous. So sorry you are there for work while he is there for pleasure…

  • Nora

    Would this be so funny if the guy has Narcolepsy? It would be like commenting on someone with Parkinson’s spilling a beer! For those who aren’t familiar with Narcolepsy, it is a condition of uncontrollable sleep and loss of facial muscles. My late mother had it and could easily slept through a baseball game. She also couldn’t drive or rock her grandbabies.

  • Mike

    Better watch out people, now he’s going to sue everyone here for making fun of him in the comments. He’ll be a billionaire by the end of the year!! haha

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