PHOTOS: 51-year-old charged with selling, delivering fireworks

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DENVER — A 51-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after an undercover operation allegedly found that he was selling illegal fireworks.

The Denver Police Department received a tip about a man distributing business cards, offering to sell and deliver fireworks to residents, DPD said. Narcotics officers quickly plannedĀ an undercover sting.

Vincent Martinez allegedly met with officers and was arrested after the sale was completed, police said. He faces charges of possessing and distributing fireworks.

A “significant amount” of fireworks were seized.

“Thanks to a tip from a watchful citizen, Denver Police District 4 officers were able to keep a car full of dangerous fireworks off the streets,” DPD said in a statement.



    • katie

      I totally agree with you there. really he was doing nothing different then the people selling them at the stands just making it more convenient for people lol some people just have to be a snitch

  • katie

    Really whats the differance between selling at a stand or driving with them stupid people have nothing better to do than snitch on others for doing no harm to anyone

  • Don

    Fireworks (ALL illegal in city and county of Denver) are horrible for some folks pets. We leave town on July 4th to get our Border Collies out of town and away from the illegal fireworks (one has to be medicated he is so fearful). I’d be willing to bet the fireworks he was selling are from out of state. So I would ask those who take the stance that illegal fireworks “do no harm to anyone” consider this perspective.

    • Anonymous

      What a crock. I have dogs and horses and we shoot off about a $1500 worth of fireworks every year and my dogs or horses or any animal I have owed has been sick from fireworks in 20 years.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Our used poodle, from the Denver Dumb Friend’s League, is frightened of THUNDER and fireworks.
      So I place him inside my coat and hold him and comfort him.
      You must leave town rather than hold and comfort your Borderline Collies?
      If so, thank you. That is good of you. But what do you do about THUNDERSTORMS?

  • Tab Lloyd

    From the photo, I thought he was arrested for stealing a box of Lemonhead candy. Those babies are pretty sour.

    • Barry Soetoro

      No, he dropped his teeth in the Rio Grande when he came across. hasn`t stolen any that fit yet.

      • Anonymous

        For one he was born and raised in Colorado and he was mugged and beaten a few yrs back, thus leaving him in a coma, we thought he was going to die, the people who beat. Him knocked his teeth out,

      • Robert Gift

        ^ Thank you, An, for your information which will bring more understanding and compassion.
        Did they ever find the cowards who beat Vincent?
        It’s difficult to find cowards. They flee.

  • Jesse Jackson

    Mexican`s hate the USA and think Colorado is still part of Mexico, they`re not celebrating our holiday. Just another excuse to disturb the peace. Hope grandpa`s house is one of those that catches fire from a holes shooting them off. but i`m sure he lives in section 8 and Denver will upgrade him if he`s homeless. Then deport his illegal a..

  • Robert Gift

    Catching criminals often requires effort. far easier.
    “officers were able to keep a car full of dangerous fireworks off the streets”
    As teens we set off such “dangerous” fireworks. So much fun and no problem.
    We kept two buckets of water and a charged garen hose at the ready.

    I was told of “confiscated” fireworks being set off in police officer’s and firefighter’s back yards.
    Obviously this was done to show their families how dangerous fireworks are.

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