Burger King celebrates gay pride with ‘Proud Whopper’

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SAN FRANCISCO -- A Burger King in San Francisco has given its trademark Whopper a different look in honor of gay pride.

Workers were busy assembling a Whopper with a message -- the gay pride-themed "Proud Whopper." And it comes with a matching crown.

The burger and the crowns were unveiled during last weekend's gay pride festivities. But the campaign caught fire on social media after Burger King posted a video.

The viral campaign was fueled largely by Twitter, whose headquarters are one block down Market Street from the Burger King at the center of all of it.

"It's a smart thing to do," one customer said. "San Francisco is a very diverse community."

But another customer didn't see it that way.

"Personally, I find this to be corporate pandering to a group of people that they never cared about before," she said.

Of course, a business can skew its politics the other direction.





    • Dorothy Louise Rector

      Sad day, when Burger King lowers itself to this level, that it would want money so much, that it would cater to those who practice the sin of homosexuality…. you are spitting in God’s face, as he says this SIN is “an abomination in his sight.” I have always loved the whopper, and eat there every week with my grandchildren. There is no way I will eat there ever again, as I will be sending a mixed signal to my grandchildren, as they know that homosexual SIN is WRONG. Let’s see, Burger King, if GOD will bless you for the acceptance of this perversion, simply because you THINK this is the popular way to go, and what pleases the masses. I would think that pleasing GOD would get you the financial blessings you desire. I say that you will see your business drop, and drop drastically. Chick-fil-A…..you just got yourself a LOT of new customers!!!!

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