Arizona man invents alarm for kids left in hot cars

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PHOENIX -- An Arizona man has come up with a way to remind drivers that their children are in the car with them.

"Quite a few of these tragedies happen when a driver, for whatever reason, has lost focus," Scott McDonald said.

He says in his research, he found some drivers go into an auto-pilot mode, a sort of mental fog.

"A recurring scenario is a driver driving to work, parking at work and going into work, and skipping the stopping and dropping off a child at daycare," he says. "It's amazing how often that happens."

McDonald's solution is a gentle reminder that there is a precious passenger in teh car and if that doesn't jog the memory, a car alarm hopefully with get someone's attention.

The Aviso Child-in-Car Alert wires the child's car seat to the vehicle's technology.

As soon as the child is placed in the seat, the system begins sensing that person. As soon as the car is turned off, the driver will be prompted that a child is still in the seat. Beeping will again sound in 8 minutes, 30 seconds. And in 9 minutes, the car's horn will alert the driver to take action.

"Nine minutes, it's time to get the child out," McDonald said. "Especially here in Phoenix on a hot day, it gets really warm really fast."




  • kay

    sounds like a great thing. I might would tweak those times. I would shorten them who wants a child left in there for almost 10 minutes shorten to under 5 minutes.

  • ParkHub

    Reblogged this on ParkHub and commented:
    I’ve noticed numerous incidents involving kids being left in hot cars over the years, and I thought this article would be an interesting read for some of us concerned with child safety!

  • Jeremiah Bennett (@stormx311)

    “McDonald’s solution is a gentle reminder that there is a precious passenger in teh car and if that doesn’t jog the memory, a car alarm hopefully with get someone’s attention.”

    In “teh” car? Might want to use spell check next time guys.

  • kids party world

    Great device, but at the same time I’m saddened that a person with a child in the car, is in such a “fog”, they can’t remember they left their kid unattended.

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