Four teens arrested in suspected playground arson

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Before and after pictures of a fire that occurred at a Black Rock Elementary School playground in Erie on June 18, 2014. (Photo: Town of Erie)

Before and after pictures of a fire at a Black Rock Elementary School playground in Erie on June 18, 2014. (Photo: Town of Erie)

ERIE, Colo. — Four male teens were arrested Thursday in connection with a June 18 fire at an Erie elementary school, police reported.

The fire, which is thought to have been deliberately set in the early morning hours of June 18, did some $50,000 worth of damage to the playground area of Black Rock Elementary School, St. Vrain Valley School District said.

The subsequent investigation led police to the four suspects. One was identified as Santino Maryland, 18.

The other three were described as males ages 17, 17 and 16. They were not identified because they are minors.

The juveniles were transported to a juvenile detention facility and the adult was taken to county jail.  All suspects live in Erie and face charges of second degree arson, police said.

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  • katie

    Who are you to judge the parents I have two kids and have raised them to the best of my ability if they choose to do stupid stuff then how is that on the parent you can teach them wrong from right they choose to listen or face the consequences

    • Mary

      So – if one (or both) of your children did something “stupid” (and frankly, arson goes beyond STUPID), you’d still be proud of them? We understand that at some point, children are responsible for their behavior, but if a parent is proud of ANY of these kids FOR THIS ACTIVITY, the parent should be neutered – and possibly lose parental rights if they have any other children!

  • vince thompson

    Mary, I so agree with you. These “teens” are nothing more than crimimals. Let’s hope that the “adults” among them do some jail time and the teens a while in juvie hall. Katie, you are delusional and one of the reasons society is in the shape it’s in.

  • shikari

    What bouldernative28 said was very rude, Katie was blatantly defending herself as a parent against that sarcastic statement. Vince Thompson how is Katie even close to delusional you can’t completely control what your children do you can only influence and guide them the best that you can. Your children’s choices are their own especially at this age. Why should the parents be jailed? You’re literally contradicting your statement about why society is in this shape… As far as i’m concerned the worst parenting is when you try to pin the blame on someone else “parents”. These boys were fully aware of their actions and the consequences. If the parents should be arrested then their parents should be arrested for not guiding them correctly to raise their kids including their parents and so on, dude don’t be an idiot….

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