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Protesters block buses carrying undocumented immigrants in California

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MURRIETA, Calif. -- A wall of angry protesters blocked three buses of undocumented immigrants in Southern California, forcing them to turn around -- but with no clear final destination.

The immigrants had traveled from south Texas to San Diego and were on their way to be processed at the Murrieta Border Patrol station when the standoff took place Tuesday.

Protesters chanting "USA!" "Impeach Obama!" and "Deport, Deport!" blocked their route. A heated yelling match ensued between the demonstrators and a group of counterprotesters.

After the buses turned around, the 140 people on board were taken to a border station in San Ysidro, said Ron Zermeno of the National Border Patrol Council.

It was not immediately clear whether they would stay there or what would happen next.

But several children were taken to Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego with unknown illnesses, border patrol officials told KGTV.

Enormous challenge

The U.S. government is struggling to process and accommodate an influx of undocumented immigrants, and specifically a spike in immigrant children. The government doesn't have enough beds, food or sanitary facilities.

Authorities estimate 60,000 to 80,000 children without parents will cross the border this year in what the White House has called an "immediate humanitarian crisis."

To help relieve crowded facilities in Texas, undocumented immigrants are now being sent elsewhere to be processed.

But Zermeno said processing immigrants, rather than enforcing the borders, is only making the situation worse.

"My concern is they are going to be eating in the same holding cells as someone sitting 5 feet away using the bathroom," he said.

Murrieta Police Chief Sean Hadden said he was told to expect 140 immigrants every 72 hours, with the next group scheduled to arrive on Friday. He encouraged the public to attend a town hall meeting Wednesday evening.

Intense debate

The furor in Murrieta illustrated the conflict between protecting the borders and the safety of families.

"If these children were from Canada, we would not be having this interview," immigration rights advocate Enrique Morones said. "The parents have had enough. They are saying, 'If I don't send my child north, they are going to die.'"

The mayor of Murrieta, Alan Long, had urged residents Monday to protest the decision to move undocumented immigrants to the area, the Los Angeles Times reported.

He spoke again Tuesday at a Murrieta City Council meeting, thanking police and others.

"Please remember these are human beings that are fleeing the violence in their home countries," Long said. "The problem is that they need to come into this country the legal way."

Protester Ellen Meeks said the country's identity has eroded with influx of undocumented immigrants.

"I just wish America would be America again because it's not, and it's not just pointed to the Hispanics," Meeks said. "Everybody needs to go through the legal ways."

The next group of 140 undocumented immigrants are expected to arrive in Murrieta on the Fourth of July.



    • Alessan P

      Not sure the illegals from other countries are interested in going to Mexico. But thank you- you have made your biases well known to all.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah daes takin all dos hanouts dat blong to us colored folk, we scammed dem honkeys out of it fair en skwar long befo dees cheddas. Weez lives here foolz go back to ya own beeno hoods!

  • Mike

    These people should be torching these busses instead of just protesting and making them go elsewhere.

  • Alessan P

    You people are disgusting. Remember, what you reap so shall you sow. By your standards Mike, you should keep a fire extinguisher handy.

    • sheep

      Please show us all how you are going to help. I beg you to give these invaders your house and all your money your car and take care of them. That’s all they want so please do that so the rest of us Americans a favor and give all that you have to them because they are just great people you know

      • John Rues

        We are going to help these people, and people everywhere, with this: Live simply, so that others may simply live. And we won’t start wars around the world, manipulate governments and economies for greed and control, nor attempt to exploit and enslave people. In short, we’ll make friends instead of enemies.

        There is enough food, water, and space for everyone. Some are merely taking far, far, far more than their share. I am willing to give up some so others have more. I want to see everyone have their share of global resources, regardless of location or race. I am the 99%.

      • Red

        You have some serious mental issues. Why don’t you go to the countries that this trash is coming from and help them there do actual Americans a favor and leave

    • Mike

      Awwww liberals are getting their feelings hurt. This is why a once great country is going down the toilet. I’m sure you can also justify why men and women who have defended this country against those who want to destroy it can’t get healthcare but those coming here illegally have already seen doctors and are getting treatment. Wake up people, you’re becoming slaves to the system.

  • Codswallop Hogwash

    It is a sad reflection on Mexico and Central America that they send so many children here. Uncle Sam is seen as a big hand out agency, few strings attached. But those countries must take care of their own, and not stick us with the responsibility. We could help, by setting up Children’s aid agencies in those countries. But illegal immigrants MUST be returned to where they came from. Period.

  • Dan Cha

    Just a thought to control the influx of folks from South of the border-CONTROL THE BORDER.
    Not enough beds and services to handle them here in the United States, solution-CLOSE THE BORDER! let the news get back to Central America that the U.S. borders are CLOSED!

  • bouldernative28

    Tag them and send them back to Mexico If they return send them back if they return again euthanize them. That’s what the DOW does , maybe the DOW should take over protecting our borders

  • John Rues

    I welcome these people. The more 99% the merrier. Hopefully you’ll displace some of the entitled fascists that are protesting your arrival. And don’t let these Nazis fool you – they’re only on ‘their land’ because their ancestors invaded and slaughtered Native Americans and banished them to deserts and death, and they themselves have done nothing to rectify the actions of their ancestors. Killers and invaders.

    People have always migrated. It’s normal and they should always be free to do so, globally. However I do think the borders are being deliberately opened wide recently in order to create chaos and perhaps even a racial war in the US. Hating poor people just trying to find a better life is not the way. Welcome them, and kick out the banksters and fascist politicians.

    It’s really disgusting to see the hate here. Hard to pity anyone who is filled with that – you deserve to lose everything.

    • sheep

      Will you be paying for my family’s health care when they get the diseases being brought in by these invaders? Already have confirmed cases of swine flu scabies and tuberculosis and polio in the camps

      • Apache

        you chose the right name for yourself. you seem like a follower who doesnt think for oneself. baaaaa we eat sheep on the res.

      • Apache

        sheep dont get healthcare we just put them down hahaha. no in all seriousness i hope your family never has any health issues. but i say help treat them thier people.

    • ameridaddy

      John old boy, how many diseased, illiterate invaders have you offered to take home with you and care for until they are well, can speak, read and write English and hold a job?
      We’re waiting for you to put your money where your mouth is.

    • Apache

      i agree with you john. you speak knowledge. aho bless you with whatever you do in this life and the next.

      • Snarky Cosmos

        You say John Rues speaks knowledge. OK, then how about you and John take in as many illegal aliens as you can fit into your respective homes; house them, feed them, clothe them, educate them, provide them healthcare, etc all on YOUR dime. I have yet to see an illegal alien supporter accept this challenge; yet they are all in favor of “the more the merrier.” NIMBY comes to mind on the part of illegal alien supporters.

    • Ellen

      I m an immigrant coming from the Philippines but our parents applied the legal way, paid the US government and waited years and years until due process came and whole family left for US. We had to go through strict compliance of the law, so this is sickening to me, this is our tax being ripped off, so sickening, enough is enough!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We would be having this issue if they buses were coming from Canada, or a boat from Cuba or a plane from China. Quit whining the race card and accept that it’s a problem that has nothing to do with race.

  • Jay T

    Nobody ever said Darwinism paints a pretty picture. The strong survive, the weak perish, end of story. The misguided bleeding hearts need to help every single living entity in existence only serves to hasten everyone’s eventual destruction through overpopulation, disease, and war.

  • Mad Punter

    Just another piece of the Cloward-Piven strategy to “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” as promised back in October of 2008.

  • Joanne

    Why is “undocumented” in the title of this article? Why not call them ILLEGAL like they are? Who’s writing this stuff?

    • Abby

      You know what’s funny? Whether you like it or not in order for future generations in your family to make it in America they’re going to have to know spanish and other FOREIGN languages to accommodate “illegals” or better said people with bigger dreams and more hard working than you.

  • SMH :/

    You are all racist and rude human beings. A bunch of bullys. And we wonder where our children get it from. Most, not all Mexican people are more hard working and dedicated than the majority of the USA. Calling them diseased and everything else you despicable humans have said just shows how IGNORANT you are. Yes The borders need to be managed a lot better than they are but that means ALL borders not just Mexican ones. SMH at the nastiness of you judgmental jerks. Because we Americans came here “legally” right. Ha we say we “own” the USA nope wrong again we stole it and murdered many people whom we keep on “reservations” right. I’m literally disgusted. Learn your history. Ugh! :/

  • Snarky Cosmos

    Good for these people standing up and saying enough is enough. The estimated 12 – 30 million illegal aliens in this country is greater than the standing armies of the USA, Russia, China, and North Korea combined. If that isn’t an invasion I don’t know what is.

  • Apache

    All of the ignorant people here that have never read a history book in their life are confused about what an american is. The word in itself comes from an immigrant.

    • Snarky Cosmos

      I suggest you look up the definition of an immigrant.

      There are two types of aliens; legal and illegal. Immigrants are legal aliens until they obtain citizenship, or return home. Illegal aliens are criminals. I also suggest you look up the words criminal and illegal.

  • Blue

    Those so called “patriots” and all of you spouting hateful, violent solutions to this humanitarian crisis are an embarrassment to our great nation.and our tradition’s of acceptance and an open heart. If you want to see who’s truly robbing us of resources and prosperity, seek your enemies among the well heeled fat cats on Wall Street.

    • Snarky Cosmos

      Oh geez, another “Occupy (fill in the blank)” tool. OK Blue, put your money where your mouth is and house, feed, clothe, etc some of these fine immigrants in your own home and on your dime.

  • Apache

    snarky’s getting his facts from wikipedia. first off the savages were and still are the white supremecist that entered this country illegally bringing disease and chaos claiming they “discovered” a land with 100 million people already living on it. all for economical gain ofcourse. but we natives did not war with each other like you say without a just reason. never over food for that was plenty here and in the south. you’d really need to be around us to feel what im talking about. we carry the old ways with us. we did not have empires thats eurocentric thinking we are communities. we live a simple life thats balanced in harmony with nature. still we talk to our ancestors in sacred sweats and hang on to the past because it walks hand and hand with the future. the world you live in is full of hate and confusion. you’ve been raised to believe by this governments propaganda that the problem this country is immigrants. i pray for you and your family that you never feel helpless and hungry that your community is never under attack and that your children always have a place to rest their heads in a place they feel safe and that you are never rippes away from the ones you love . aho ! usen ometeotl wakan duma what ever creator you believe in i respect for all creatures and peoples should have a heaven.

    • Snarky Cosmos

      Wow, this sounds like a clich├ęd western movie. First off the history was in books long before Wikipedia was created.

      How can it be that Europeans entered the country illegally if the red man didn’t have the Eurocentric notion of countries, borders, and empires? If the red man has no concept of nations, why do we have Apache, Cheyenne, et al? So what were the “just” reasons the red man waged war upon their brothers and sisters? I can hardly wait to hear that one. If food in the southwest was so plentiful, why did the Anasazi disappear? As for disease, yes it’s true that Europeans brought smallpox to the Americas decimating the Indians living here. But the bubonic plague that decimated Europe in the middle ages was brought there by Asians (e.g. Genghis Khan and others), and infected bodies were used by the invaders as weapons to spread the disease in Europe. Hmmm…the red man is descended from Orientals (Easterners) that crossed the Bering Strait land bridge.

      Given the conquest of most of the Americas by the Spanish; one would logically think the Indians in the USA would appreciate attempts to keep out unwelcome outsiders that use up valuable resources of all kinds. I guess you and others that think your way didn’t learn that the first time. By the way, Spanish is a European language, yet the vast majority of red men in the Americas speak it.

      If the old ways you mention are so much better, why are we even having this discussion using modern technology invented by European descendants?

      As for government propaganda, I’m neither a Democrat or Republican, and I view both parties with disdain. But since the USA exists, and was founded as a republic based on the rule of law; not a democracy based on majority rule, I oppose illegal entry by illegal aliens because it is against the law. I watched an interview last night with a naturalized citizen originally from Belize and she is opposed to illegal entry. I applaud her for playing by the rules. Also there is just the physics of the matter that the USA can no longer accept everyone who wants to come here and still maintain a First World lifestyle. If you prefer the old ways, there are plenty of Third World rat holes south of the border for you to pick from. Be sure to let us know if the indigenous peoples of the area accept you with open arms as their brother.

      As for your prayers for me; you are entitled to believe in whatever fantasy religion(s) you choose. I’ll stick to being an infidel (are you Moose-limbs listening).

  • Apache

    your on the outside looking in when you speak about my people. the anazasi did not dissapear like you say. they migrated like they’ve done for generations to be with their relations. you cant comprehend just up and leaving? as for speaking spanish sure its european and guess what we are open to learning about all cultures. that what makes us great. i speak nahautl, spanish, english and im learning tagalog. that doesnt change who we are it makes us better at communicating and breaking down the barriers that divide us.

    on another note i’ve been to southern mexico and the indigenous people were very welcoming like all natives.

    you speak of a democracy founded on the bones of the natives, blacks chinese and mexican. a “nation” that continues to lie to our children in schools about the true facts in history leaving out details or just claiming it never happened. the world views america as being runned by a bunch of fat arristocrats trying to monopolize the world. all this talk about 1st world and 3rd worlds theres on the world were living in. what mark will you leave behind when u leave this earth. btw thanks to technology we can have this wonderful conversation that im so much enjoying. im not againt the modern changes im into honoring the ancestors and the old ways. theres nothing cliche about that.

    • Snarky Cosmos

      And you’re on the outside looking in at people of European descent. The terms 1st, 2nd, and 3rd worlds comes from the Cold War where industrialized free nations declared themselves the 1st World, the Communist nations the 2nd World, and every other undeveloped rat hole the 3rd World. No doubt the Communists saw themselves as the 1st world, and America and its allies the 2nd World. If the facts in textbooks are false and written by racist white people as you infer; then please write a textbook on what really happened.

      Anyway, we have let this thread digress from the main issue of illegal aliens. As I’ve stated before, America is a republic based on the rule of law. This YouTube video is a wonderful to the point explanation of the various forms of government. That being said, illegal aliens knowingly break the law by entering the USA illegally. Regardless of their intent, they are criminals the moment they step foot onto USA soil. A true immigrant will play by the rules to enter the USA legally as an invited and welcome guest whose goal is to become an American citizen, not an African-American citizen, a Mexican-American citizen, a French-American citizen, etc ad nauseum; but to become an American. I’m of European descent; but I’m an American, not a European-American.

      Regardless of origin, an illegal alien is an illegal alien and should be deported upon discovery and apprehension. However; the federal government has neglected to fulfill its obligations to America to protect its citizens and welcome guests from foreign invaders. Since we do not have statesmen and women in either major political party, this invasion has been allowed to go unchecked for decades for the personal gains of both parties in the forms of cheap labor and supporters for the other party.

      Another gripe I have with illegal aliens is that they have no desire to become citizens and only wish to sponge off the success of this country created by those who reside here legally. Illegal aliens expect Americans to adapt to their culture(s); but it is they who refuse to adapt to American culture. If I choose to live in Ukraine, I better learn the language and adapt to the culture there. I have no right to expect Ukrainians to bend over backwards to cater to me because I refuse to adapt and learn. America may be a melting pot; but that shouldn’t be confused with the failure that is multi-culturalism that the Politically Correct crowd thinks is a good thing. Europe is now just waking up to the fact that the multi-culturalism they have been practicing in the name of enlightenment is a failure.

      Illegal aliens do bring crime to the areas they set up shop in, and as another poster mentioned they have a high likelihood of reintroducing diseases into the country that science and good public policy worked so hard to minimize and even eliminate.

      If the Central Americans are fleeing due to violence, I can understand that; but that is not a license to enter the USA or any country for that matter illegally. If they really feel they are being politically persecuted, go to the USA embassy and or consulate and request political asylum.

      Illegal aliens also steal jobs from Americans. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard the argument that they only take jobs Americans are unwilling to do. Well there are plenty of Americans on the lower end of the economic ladder who would be glad to have a job; but can’t get one because an illegal alien works for pennies on the dollar.

      Since this problem has been festering for decades, it won’t be solved overnight. However; the only comprehensive immigration reform the USA needs is enforcement of our existing laws, and if that means putting the Army on the ground with shoot-to-kill orders to seal the border, then so be it. Also, the Gordian Knot of red tape for those trying to play by the rules to enter the USA legally needs to be streamlined. The Anchor-Baby loophole to the 14th Amendment needs to be closed. Illegal aliens need to be deported upon discovery and apprehension, and those harboring them need to be prosecuted for aiding and abetting. Using the same tired old emotional arguments of “What about the children, what about the families” has got to stop. I’m sick of illegal aliens using their kids as political human shields. The USA needs to adopt English as the official language of the land and stop catering to everyone seeking residence who refuses to learn and adapt to American culture. Finally our world is grossly overpopulated and it’s no longer possible for the USA to let in everyone who wants to come here. We need to put a quota on legal immigration.

      • Apache

        You’re very passionate about your argument snarky, at first you came off as a robot but i hear the compassion in your argument. We’ll agree to disagree. You come off very educated and well spoken. it’s been a pleasure conversating with you. you are a great debater and i can go on and on in this but i have responsibilities to attend to. i disagree about alot you have to say but we’ll see how the future turns out. safe journey to you in this life and thr next. i apologize if i came off rude or insulting. Until another time my twin.

  • Apache

    you say “we” like you have a job and pay taxes. i never see any homeless brown people ansking for handouts. i see them selling fruit and flowers trying to hustle to make money and the white man asking for hand outs on the freeway exits. i give a hand out all the time to them. poor things they look like they could use a hand. im apache and mexica/azteca btw. still giving help to the weak minded and heart since 1492.

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