Democrats dump video of Beauprez echoing Romney’s ’47 percent’ comments

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Bob Beauprez, a former Republican congressman, is now the GOP nominee for governor.

DENVER — Democrats may have tried to take out Bob Beauprez in the Republican primary — but they saved plenty of bullets for the general election.

Eight days after Beauprez’s primary win, just as the GOP gubernatorial nominee is barnstorming the state on a “Unity Tour” with his former rivals and newly-minted running mate, Colorado Democrats released a video of a Beauprez speech from a Denver Rotary Club appearance back in 2010 in which the then-retired politician riffed about the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay taxes.

“I see something that frankly doesn’t surprise me, having been on Ways and Means Committee: 47 percent of all Americans pay no federal income tax,” Beauprez said (at 5:35 into the video clip below).

“I’m guessing that most of you in this room are not in that 47 percent — God bless you — but what that tells me is that we’ve got almost half the population perfectly happy that somebody else is paying the bill and most of that half is you all.”

Like Mitt Romney, the 2012 presidential nominee whose campaign floundered after video surfaced of him making almost identical remarks to high-dollar donors during a private fundraiser, Beauprez intimated that Democrats want a large portion of the population dependent on government for political reasons.

“I submit to you that there is a political strategy to get slightly over half and have a permanent ruling majority by keeping over half of the population dependent on the largess of government that somebody else is paying for,” Beauprez said.

The video, which has been on the internet for some time, was first reported Wednesday by the Denver Post after being alerted to it by the Colorado Democratic Party.

“It’s shocking that a candidate for Governor would basically accuse half of the population of being freeloaders,” said Colorado Democratic Chairman Rick Palacio. “Not only is Beauprez out of touch, but his elitist remarks show that he has no respect for Colorado’s seniors, our veterans or hard working families that are struggling to get by.”

Beauprez’s campaign is standing by the remarks.

“In full context, it’s clear [Bob’s] saying that it’s sad more people are not doing well enough to pay federal income tax,” said Dustin Olson, Beauprez’s campaign manager. “Bob’s focused on strengthening our economy so more people have jobs and can prosper. Like Bob has been saying we should be focused on lifting people up and creating more opportunity.

“It’s an unfortunate fact that after years of President Obama and Gov. Hickenlooper’s failed policies, that too many hardworking Americans are not making enough money to pay taxes.”



  • todd M

    After 6 years of the Dems in office I actually think this will resonate more positively with people than it ever did in the past.

    • Dick Peabody

      Right you are, Todd M. Everybody should have skin in the game–from those who make $5K a year to the $Billionaire. If people don’t have to pay income taxes they think nothing of raising the “other guy’s” tax and that is plain wrong. We need to eliminate the IRS and initiate a flat tax with few, or no, deductions that people can submit on a post card.

    • AgendaBuster

      Todd, I agree with you!
      I have news for Colorado Democratic Chairman Rick Palacio, close to half of the population are freeloaders!!!
      It is what it is. Illegals are filing income tax forms to get money back! Illegal aliens are getting Tax Refunds, please let that sink in!

  • Anonymous

    That 47% just increased with the kids on the border so yeah keep pushing, bring up the dems records on guns

  • Sam

    So the truth at the time is now news? If that was said today it would be incorrect.
    “Here Are The 43% Of Americans Who Don’t Pay Federal Income Tax. Since 2009, the percentage of Americans who pay no federal income taxes has fallen from 47% to 43%, according to a recent report by the Tax Policy Center.”
    43% Of Americans Don’t Pay Federal Income Tax – Business …

  • Anonymous

    Libs are throwing stones in their glass house and the shards are crashing all around them….. soon the lacerations and bleed out begin…. on to November!

  • dapandico

    Romney was right about Russia and Iraq. Eli continues to carry the water for the progs. How much money has Udall gotten from Tom Steyer to stop the Keystone Pipeline?

    • Tom Williamson

      Romney is an idiot who can’t win an election. He lost because he’s an out of touch millionaire. Both ways Bob will become a two time LOSER in November. Expect Hickenlooper to beat this right wing nut by at least 10 points.

      • Sarah

        Romney ‘couldn’t’ win because worthless liberal voters were voting 2,3,4,5,6,7 times for Obama. Republicans follow the law (something democrats have never heard of) and only vote once. Big difference in how elections turn out with so much corruption going on huh.

  • KE Mayfield

    Beauprez should not only stand by his comments, but expand on them. What he says here is absolutely true. And if we wanted to be truly “fair”, everyone should pay the same tax rate as everyone else regardless of income. Like our Vice-president said, “Come on, jump in, get some skin in the game”.

  • Anonymous

    That number is way higher now with the “humanitarian crisis” i mean voter introduction going on at the border right now

  • Anonymous

    I have a friend that got a free toilet and insulation in his attic from the goverment. A year later he closed out his 401K and was taxed on it 35%. When he filed this year he was taxed again. He couldn’t come up with the money and now the IRS is leaning his house. So you get free stuff because your poor, but when you cant pay your taxes because they are too high because evryone got a free toilets, then they take your house. That just shows you how messed up our goverment is. Democrats or Republicans if we don’t pay attention our kids and grand kids are screwed.

  • ColoradoCommish

    Thanks Dems ( and Mr. Stokols) for helping us get the Truth out… What a relief that Colorado Dems are NOW interested in reducing the number of citizens on welfare, getting folks off the dole, and allowing people to escape the tragic and demoralizing agenda of the Left…. What a great change of strategy for them. The 47% of Americans that have been “frozen” in the Permanent Lower-class/Permanent under-privileged group (that Democrats MUST maintain to stay in power) can NOW be free to thrive. This is GREAT news.

    • todd M

      THAT is soooo apropos! “Illegal Democrats”…That’s the perfect name for the Illegals that are and have been coming over our borders for 35 years now.

  • Snarky Cosmos

    Beauprez may be a worthless career politician; but he and Romney are correct that having 47% of the population not paying income taxes is unsustainable. My wife and I are retired middle class people and we pay income taxes; we are nowhere near the income level of the so-called evil 1%. I’m tired of paying for society’s leeches.

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