Colorado teen arrested at DIA, charged with assisting terrorist group ISIS

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DENVER -- A Colorado teen was arrested at Denver International, accused of trying to help the terrorist group ISIS. The arrest took place April 8 as she was heading to Turkey.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Shannon Maureen Conley, 19, conspired with others to support a terrorist group called Islamic State in Iraq, also known as ISIS.

Read the criminal complaint against Conley

Neighbor's remember Conely as a quiet introvert until six months ago when she started wearing Islamic clothes while coming and going from her parent's home in Arvada.

“Any time I saw her she was walking with her head down and covered,” said neighbor Brenda Herrera. “I would see her in shorts and then all the sudden she started wearing those clothes maybe six months after they moved here.”

In November of last year Faith Bible Church Pastor George Morrison thought his new parishioner was peculiar.

“When she first showed up it became obvious she stood out just from the apparel she was wearing,” Morrison said. “She was carrying a backpack and had a notepad taking notes at various places and that alerts us right away.”

The church's security teams don't know what Conely wanted with the church but they notified the FBI as Conely became more aggressive. “She became a little more hostile , and we said it's better you don't come back.” Morrison  said.

Between November and April agents met with Conely several times. According to the criminal affidavit filed against her authorities say she freely admitted that she would be "ready to wage Jihad in a year."

Falling in love with a terrorist

Conley met an individual online known as Y.M., the U.S. Attorney said. Y.M. claimed to be an active member of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The two decided to become engaged and, with the help of others, arranged for Conley to travel to Syria.

Between Sept. 7, 2013 and April 8, Conley allegedly aided ISIS in providing resources and information.

She faces charges of providing material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization, the FBI said.

She joined the U.S. Army Explorers in September 2013 to learn military tactics and firearms -- Conley also attended training in Texas in February.



    • Mary

      Too lazy to Google? I’ll give you a head start:
      Google “US Teen Allegedly Falls in Love Online, Tries to Join ISIS Fighters in Syria” (ABC News)
      “Denver nurse Shannon Conley, 19, declared she was a ‘slave to Allah’ and said American women dress like ‘sl**s’ before she was arrested ‘trying to join and fight alongside an ISIS militant who seduced her on Skype'” (Daily Mail – a UK news site)

      By the way – NONE of the Denver sites included her picture – but don’t worry, it’s because she’s WHITE.

    • Ron

      Better yet…..take her to the east coast, provide her two floaties, tell her to swim to Syria. No fuss, no muss, no cost for trials, jail, etc. You’re free to swim to Syria. Good luck.

  • Bob Trower

    it amazes me that we are importing Muslims that are our enemy. And now we are training the enemy. What part of stupid is this??? Will we ever learn?

    • Anonymous

      Why not that’s whats going on at the border and they call it a humanitarian crisis. Sounds better than enemy infiltration

      • Moderator

        Exactly. How do we know those DHS buses dumping off at Greyhound every 72 hours aren’t chocked full of ISIS members disguised as Guatemalan refugees?

    • Charlemagne

      As a country, we are allowing “software developers” and other “in demand” workers to not only replace our jobs from overseas, but also we move them and their families here after that. This leaves us with an underemployed citizen, and an underpaid immigrant. Is this good for either?

      Is it xenophobic to ask the question?

  • beckilynn77

    I am so glad that you reported who reported her to the authorities, because Al-Qaeda and ISIS never retaliate. It’s a school and it’s a church with thousands of members. Now I no longer feel safe to go there with my child after 34 years. BECAUSE IT WAS POSTED ON THE INTERNET. THANK YOU!

  • Chuck

    So what did she do that’s illegal? talk about hurting people? plan on moving to be with a guy, get upset because she became up set after some one questioned her religion? better lock up every upset teen ager, every love struck teen girl. every bible thumping idiot that strolls down my street.
    What happened to the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Or the 4 Amendment of the Bill of Rights.? did we get rid of the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights also?.

    • Anonymous

      oh i dont know she joined our army to learn about our tactics ONLY to report the to her fiance && plenty more how is she innocent?

  • ElizaH

    Let her go. Strip her of her citizenship and we’ll see how much she loves being Islamic. And, where were her parents in all of this? They are probably stupid liberal progressives who just wanted her to “find” herself. Here’s to hoping she spends a long time in prison, the little tramp.

  • Char

    Our society continues to ridicule Christianity , all the principles in Christianity are things like , love thy neighbor as thyself. To treat others well and ourselves. That recommends no drug use, which is great for our minds, lives and relationships. The only brainwashing going on is the desensitivity to drug use, violence and promiscuity. Christianity is a design for living that bore great fruit for our families. There has been nothing but garbage, almost feral population without it. Our society is in chaos. I love the st. Francis prayer, reminding me daily; Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace, where there is hatred, let me sow love. If one studies christian principles and prayers it helps calm the corruption of our world and what we see on the news. I pray God brings more goodness in our hearts and minds.

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