Scooter rider hurt in hit-and-run crash near City Park

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A scooter rider was seriously injured after a hit-and-run accident near City Park in Denver on Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

DENVER — Police were looking for a white Mazda and its driver who is accused in a hit-and-run crash that injured a scooter rider Tuesday night.

The collision happened at East 17th Avenue and Race Street not far from Denver City Park.

Officers say the scooter rider went to the hospital with serious injuries.

The only description of the run vehicle was that it was a white Mazda 3 scene leaving northbound on Race.




  • Test

    Any guess why hit and run accidents are becoming such a huge problem now? It’s not like we didn’t always have bad drivers, why so many drivers who are afraid to meet with the police?

  • annpirie

    People who cause accidents and leave the scene are hiding something. Need to be charged with DUI’s when apprehended.

    • Test

      DUI isn’t the only thing they’re hiding many of the people who flee have active arrest warrants for more serious crimes.

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