Police officer’s heartwarming response to ‘vicious’ pit bull

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ARLINGTON, Texas — What do you think of when you see a pit bull? Friendly? Playful, even? Well, not everyone would agree.

Arlington’s finest were flagged down by some folks while responding to another call, claiming a pit bull was vicious.

But, after a closer look, Sergeant Gary Carter noticed the pit wasn’t bad to the bone.

“He was friendly, he was more trying to make friends than hurt anybody,” Carter said.

So, he and a fellow officer, lured the dog into their squad car.

“Using one of her protein bars. He didn’t want to get in at first so we had to use a little food to coax him in,” he explained.

Now that he was in custody, they wanted to find the dog’s owner. They took to Facebook and oh man, did they get some attention!

The response after they posted this photo was, well, dog-gone incredible. Over 67,000 likes.

“I’m glad that it had this response. Maybe people can realize that not all big dogs are dangerous and second, not all police officers are out there to shoot big dogs, because we’re not,” Carter said.

Luckily, this doggie was micro chipped and got to go home with his owner, all thanks to the boys in blue.

Guess this is one time over-sharing on the Internet paid off.




  • Nick

    “Please help us locate this sweet dog with his owner!”

    “Did you check to see if it had a micro-chip?”


    • Travis havicc

      Micro chips work like a bar code they don’t hold any other information other than a serial number so if the owner does not keep updated information its not going to matter. Scan the chip, number comes up, enter the number into the data base then the owners information pops up. If you move, change your phone number without updating the information all you get is a name “john smith” lots of people have that name its not fool proof. I found this out with a simple Google search don’t be so lazy.
      Judge not lest ye be judged

      • Nick

        You’re calling me lazy? Try reading the entire article genius. It says right in it that they found the owner from the microchip. Dont be so lazy and actually read the thing you are commenting on before you embarass yourself again.

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