Denver rally calls for slowing deportation of parents of children born in U.S.

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DENVER -- One day after President Obama promised executive action to deal with immigration reform, a rally in Denver took place where the participants called for slowing the deportation of many parents.

The parents are in the United States illegally, but their children were born in this country.

Eli Stokols shows us the rally and what the people involved want to accomplish in his video report.



    • dapandico

      0bama didn’t act quickly enough as Imperial President bypassing Congress and making his own rules.

      Years ago we were told President Bush is shredding the Constitution, now it is executive action.

      • Justin

        Imperial President? You do realize that he has no power, just the power of congress to stonewall all attempts at leading a country.

  • dapandico

    Eli & the protesters can open up their houses. For only 23 cents a day, you can house a family of 12.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha I am totally stealing that and making it into a joke. That’s what you racists are to us , a f****** joke, just like governor chickenpooper. How about both of you get out of my state you urchins. I prefer Mexicans to your and your ilk.

  • Justin

    I fail to see the problem. If you enter the country illegally and have children in the US you shouldn’t be allowed to stay. The citizenship of your children should be removed and they should go with you back to Mexico. You broke the law to be here.

  • Sarah

    This city and state are lost. We really have become California’s gross little sister. The nerve of people living (freeloading) in our country never falls to amaze me.

  • Codswallop Hogwash

    This is a farce. Send them back, and have them take their children with them. AND LET’S GET THAT LAW CHANGED. JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BORN HERE DOES NOT GIVE YOU AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP!!!

    • Anonymous

      Read the constitution you ignoramus, if you are born on US soil you are a US citizen, it’s like that every where in the world. How do you think the natives thought when they saw a bunch of egotistic opportunistic white folk coming onto there land and taking what belonged to them. It’s the natural order of things , pretty soon whitey will just be like the red man. A cruel joke on the fabric of American history . Viva la Mexico gringo.

      • Ghost behind you

        Put your adress up and lets repeat what happened when you wet back trashed tried in Texas when you lost the war and any right to american soil. Killing little parasite trash like you will be easier then it was the waste of flesh sacks in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • bouldernative28

    Tag them and send them back to Mexico If they return send them back if they return again euthanize them. That’s what the DOW does , maybe the DOW should take over protecting our borders

    • Anonymous

      I agree, let’s start ethnic all those douchy doughy liberals in boulder. You wanna be first?

    • Anonymous

      I agree, let’s start with all those douchy doughy liberals in boulder. You wanna be first?

  • Fast45

    Round up the protesters and march them onto the bus too … mostly illegals anyhow, and if there are any real citizens advocating for illegals then they can go also.

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