Denver police warn all fireworks illegal in the city

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DENVER -- Denver Police are warning residents about the dangers of the most patriotic day on the calendar.

They say using any kind of fireworks in the city or county is not only illegal—but dangerous.

They’re a part of holiday traditions. Fireworks ignite celebrations in our night sky—and in driveways across the country.

But Denver Police and firefighters remind residents fireworks can hurt or kill you.

Safety videos show how exploding fireworks, which are illegal in Colorado, can take off fingers, or worse. But it’s the more family-friendly fireworks that experts say worry them most.

“We look at exploding ones and think of them as the most dangerous. But Sparklers cause more injuries than any other firework every year. It’s no different than putting a welding iron in a child’s hands then expecting nothing to happen,” says Denver Fire Chief Eric Tade.

He says Sparklers burn at 1,200 degrees.

It’s this danger igniting Denver’s desire to completely ban fireworks of every kind. “The last thing we want to do is give a ticket on the date of our nation’s birth. But the dangers involved in this is what dictates this law,” says Denver Police Commander Paul Pazen.

But the danger in several other cities and counties hasn’t extinguished sales.

“Lot more traffic, lot more people celebrating their freedom,” says the owner of Fantastic Fireworks, Cathy Morales.

She says business is booming.

Recent statewide fire bans had dampened celebrations.

“I got these for my cousins. They’re five. They’re going to laugh, have fun, going to have a good time,” says Arvada resident Max Iordan.

Fireworks fans disagree with Denver’s ban, saying it’s ironic that on a day of freedom, not everyone is so free.

“If weed is allowed in Colorado, then how come all of the fireworks are not allowed in Colorado?” questions Arvada resident Daniil Dorovskih.

“It’s about eating BBQ with family, enjoying America, going outside and waving sparklers and having fun. It’s been that way since I was a kid,” says Adams County resident Amanda Santorno.

If you get caught with fireworks in Denver it can cost you up to a year in jail and a $999 fine.

Teams of police and firefighters are already out patrolling for fireworks offenders.

Check with your local city and county to see what the rules are where you live.

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  • Robert Gift

    What a laugh.
    You will never know it when fireworks are going off everywhere on July 3rd and 4th.
    So rather than convey something useful – such as how to be safer with fireworks – “authorities” tell us ad nauseam we’re all criminals for enjoying our generations-old American tradition.
    (How many police have “confiscated” fireworks and later set them off in their own back yards?)

  • Brian

    There bigger and better things to worry about that fireworks, like getting a hand on all the hit n runs!!

    • newworldorderhunter

      There are literally thousands of cameras downtown and we cant find hit and run drivers? It’s because the police are out gathering money for their masters and they don’t have time for real criminals. Maybe these sworn officers should read the document they swore that oath to and start serving the people.

  • newworldorderhunter

    It’s the Fourth, the day we celebrate our victory against tyranny. The only way to beat this is to fire off fireworks en mass. These thugs need to realize whom their real masters are. Now excuse me, I have fireworks to buy….

    • Test

      ???? seriously? a sparkler is a bomb? You do realize that cops throw flash/bang grenades into people’s houses don’t you? Those devices are over 10x more powerful than anything you’re going to buy in Wyoming.

  • Dick Peabody

    I can’t count the number of things that have become illegal in the last 40 years. Guess what, government? I’m sick of you and your agents telling me what’s good for me and what’s not. I never asked for your protection against myself and I don’t want it. If I burn down the neighbors house….arrest me then, but ONLY then. Until then, leave me the eff alone. And while you’re at it maybe you can better use our tax money and your manpower to secure the borders and round up some of those 30,000 illegals you just let out of prison, many of them murderers and rapists. Fireworks should be the LEAST of your concerns.

  • dimunvi

    So, according to the title “…all fireworks illeagal in the city…” does that mean the fireworks show is off downtown, or after the Rockies game? Gotta love the hypocrisy!

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