Boulder County to continue issuing same-sex marriage licenses after AG threatens legal action

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DENVER -- The Colorado Attorney General agreed Tuesday to work with the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder to work out a deal by July 10 on the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses, but only if the county immediately halts the practice.

But an hour after receiving a letter signed by Solicitor General Domenico, Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall said the county would continue issuing the licenses.

The letter signed by Domenico, the state says, "We are more than willing to leave on the table our offer to seek clarity from the Colorado Supreme Court through July 10, as you requested. There may also be other avenues for achieving the clarity we all seek that we can discuss with you during that time. That additional time, however cannot be used to continue issuing licenses that do not comply with state law."

The letter adds if more same-sex marriage licenses are issued, the Attorney General's Office "will be forced to take legal action."

READ: AG Letter to Boulder Clerk

But Hall responded that the practice will continue.

“Shortly after 11:00, we received a response from the Attorney General. Our request was essentially denied as the terms for more time were contingent on stopping the issuance of same-sex licenses. Our position is the same as previously stated. Same-sex licenses are legal and just licenses and we will continue to issue them.”

Attorney General John Suthers in a letter Friday gave the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder a deadline of noon Tuesday to stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses or face action from his office. The county responded in a letter Monday night asking for more time.

Suthers' office agreed, but only if the county stopped issuing licenses.

Hall started issuing the licenses June 25 after the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stuck down a Utah law banning gay marriage. But Suthers said the licenses are invalid because the 10th Circuit issued a stay pending a potential review by the Supreme Court.

Couples lined up at the clerk's office Tuesday morning to receive licenses before the noon deadline.




  • DeDe S.

    I am sickened by the attitude & actions of Ms. Hall. No matter what side of the issue you are on, the fact remains that she and others in this Obama regime ( including Obama himself ) feel they are above the law and do not have to abide by any laws they don’t like. This is one of the very reasons that the USA was founded! I’ll bet there are many silly rules Ms. Hall follows to the tee but since she has personally decided that this one isn’t PC then she feels free to break it. I think her complete disregard for the law is grounds for immediate termination. I’m sure it would be in any other company or corporation.

    • Mike

      This clerk needs to be arrested and prosecuted for breaking the law just like Obama and the rest of his crew. And like Obama anything that has been put in place by him should be null and void.

      • NativeColoRN

        No, but she can be sanctioned, legally prosecuted and Suthers just needs to get a legal injunction against this fruitcake from the Republic of Boulder. She like most dems have been drinking the Obama koolaid and are under the dellusion they are above the laws!

  • Anonymous

    I for one am getting sick of Boulder. I agree that Ms. Hall should be held accountable for her actions. Colorado had a vote on the issue, no. Boulder is not special, there are many other parts of Colorado. I feel the same about this new lawsuit. Are they planning on suing anyone who did not vote for their side, or just the representatives that are upholding something we already voted on. Wait and try to get a new vote, that how it was set up to work.

    • Anonymous

      The lawsuit is suing the state for upholding a law that violates the constitution. That is what the Supreme Court decided, so they have every right to sue the state and they will win. Just because ignorant people vote something in, does not mean that it follows the constitution.

      • NativeColoRN

        Why not? Ignorant people voted in the use of pot, here we are…your flawed argument just went UP IN SMOKE! Nice try!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope she continues, and I am glad that she is issuing licenses to those that would like to get married. It is not illegal.

  • ElizaH

    Arrest her. She is thumbing her nose at the law which is not a position a public servant should be taking regardless of even the community’s stand. I will bet the world she is not even from Colorado…just another liberal loser who came to Colorado to destroy it. Go back to where you came from Ms. Hall. Boulder is a terrible place to live and visit because of what liberals have done to it. Let me tell you something else Ms. Hall, Boulder happens to be in Colorado in case you’ve forgotten. Most people are getting sick of the infected trash you represent. I hope Suthers arrests you.

      • Dick Peabody

        Marriage is between a man and a woman. Not a woman and her father. Not between a man and his sister. Not between a man and several women. It is between ONE man and ONE woman and it serves the need of societies to have families with children being raised by two different sexes because of the different strengths the two sexes bring to the child/parent relationship. Oh, and homosexual relationships are also a sin.

  • jj

    Our tax dollars at work…paying Ms. Hall’s salary. If any legal action is put in place against her, we’ll likely pay for her defense as well. Something wrong with this picture?

  • Juvy

    I honestly don’t see what the problem is. Adults getting married??? Please Colorado wake up and smell the coffee.. And who doesn’t like it oh well!!!!

  • annpirie

    Nothing like a kindergarten brat getting by with insubordination. Throw the book at her for dishonoring her position of trust to enforce the constitution.

  • DavidAZ

    Wow! And here I thought all the right wing crazies and haters were packed into Arizona. Guess not. Hang in there Colorado, this too will pass. Just ignore their irrational blathering and frothing at the mouth. Dinosaurs did the same thing as they watched that asteroid streaking across the sky.

    • NativeColoRN

      Actually, as per usual it is MORE of the left winged loonies that keep piling into this state, like YOU, from places that are financially bankrupt and morally polluted like California,Michigan,New York, Pennsylvania,Washington state. So shut up and go back to whatever rock quarry you crawled out of!

  • Fast45

    Boulder actually had to pass laws that banned nudity on the Pearl Street Mall … that clearly says what their average cultural mindset is. Flouting unlawful gayness is certainly no surprise.

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