Update: 3 killed in small-plane crash at Loveland Ski Area

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LOVELAND SKI AREA, Colo. -- Three people were killed Monday when a single-engine plane crashed at Loveland Ski Area east of the Eisenhower Tunnel off Interstate 70.

Smoke could be seen by drivers on Interstate 70 near the Eisenhower/Johnson tunnels from a small fire that started because of the crash.

The fire was so intense that it was difficult to discern the tail number of the craft or the identity of the occupants, according to the Clear Creek Sheriff's Office. The airplane was believed to be a single-engine Piper en route from Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Jefferson County to Moab, Utah.

The Sheriff's Office said the crash happened near the Third Valley lot of the ski area, in a heavily wooded area at Loveland Valley.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators are en route to the crash site.




  • Karene Nagel

    “Density altitude is a trap. It is a giant sheet of flypaper, an enormous spider web, the clossal hand of God.” written by Linda Breneman. Thank you S2 for this insight, and hoping as you did that my three friends will RIP – a family united Forever Together with So Much Love! We will miss you.

    • S2

      I’m so sorry for your loss, mind you this is purely speculation on my part, I’m sure the N.T.S.B. will tell you the final results, at the same time this accident fits the mold of Density Altitude, I’ve seen it so many times here in Colorado it’s very sad. God bless you.

      • rbarry13

        TY again! And I am sure you do know about these things…because when I went to Google to search for news of their crash, I typed private plane crash in / and Google finished the line by showing the First choice as Colorado.

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