WATCH: Trucker records officer, accuses him of talking on phone while speeding

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CHICAGO — A truck driver driving through Illinois last week claims he caught a police officer speeding while talking on his cell phone. He honked at the officer, who responded by pulling him over, he says.

In a video the trucker posted to YouTube, the officer at first argues with the trucker, saying he is allowed to be on the phone and that he wasn’t speeding. He then says he’s going to give the trucker a ticket for using his horn illegally.

When the trucker informs him he was being recorded, the officer went back to his cruiser with the driver’s information, comes back and says the trucker isn’t getting a ticket.

According to the video, the officer also allegedly gave the trucker a violation-free truck inspection and admits he wasn’t paying attention to how fast he was going.



  • Anonymous

    Lol, thank for reminding him about who pays his salary. He was on the way back to head quarters. Most likely his shift was over. Wanted to get home fast just like the rest of us. At least he admitted it most cops would of just shot you for calling them out

  • annpirie

    This is not a typical good truck driver. This one is pretty bored. Law Enforcement and otherwise First Responders are trained to use communication skills along with all their other skills. In my view, they are the only ones forgiven for doing this. Get a life, boy!

    • Dale Gross

      Wrong! Are police God? Haven’t you been watching and reading the news lately? Have you not seen police officers causing auto crashes? If you think some 21-year-old police officer is going to outdrive a seasoned civilian merely because he has “special” training, you’re deluding yourself. I can see giving cops the pass to do this, but then let’s minimize the penalty and magnitude of the offense when civilians do it.

    • C.H.I.P.S.

      I didn’t even need to read that Ann wrote this…in the first few words I knew it was the cop can do no wrong I love you Mr Officer please stop by on the way home so I can run my hands over your badge and play with your gun AnnPirie…you are pretty goofy.

    • Anonymous

      6 months at a community college and you think they are the ones who should be able to use their cell phone while driving??? But the trucker who probably has close to a million miles on the highway needs to get a life?? You are a little confused on the training officers receive.

  • dacableguy35

    It’s pretty obvious to me that had this trucker not recorded this incident he most definitely would have received a ticket and maybe even more than that.

  • Sunny Sharma

    It’s natural to deny anything unless you know there is something to prove.
    That’s what the cop did.
    He first said, they are allowed to use technology.
    But later says, he doesn’t remember using a phone.
    He should have repeated that later that they are allowed to use technology as that’s how they get information sometimes.

  • Adam

    This isn’t even news, much less Colorado news. Thanks KDVR for stirring the pot at the expense of our Police Officers.

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