WATCH: Man confronts officers after dog shot: ‘You guys killed my best friend’

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SALT LAKE CITY — A man in Utah got a call from animal control officials saying police officers shot and killed his dog in the backyard of his home. Sean Kendall raced home and confronted the officers — and recorded the entire confrontation and posted it to his Facebook page.

On Thursday, Kendall told KSTU-TV that internal affairs investigators looked in the backyard and Kendall said the officer was about 20 feet into it when he fired two shots that killed 2-year-old weimeraner Geist.

Salt Lake City Police say they were searching June 18 for a missing 3-year-old and an officer went into Kendall’s backyard but felt threatened by Geist, causing him to open fire.

When Kendall arrived home, he confronted officers who were there, but the officer who shot the dog was gone, but so Sgt. Joseph Cyr talked with Kendall.

Warning: Viewers might find some of the language in the video inappropriate.

“We entered the yard looking for a lost child. He was threatened by the dog and shot the dog. That’s as simple as it gets,” Cyr said.

“So I get to bury my dog because an officer couldn’t back up and close the (deleted) gate,” Kendall said during the exchange. “Something’s gotta change, and I know it wasn’t you. I’m sorry but I’m (upset).”

KSTU-TV reported that Salt Lake City Police aren’t saying what specific threat Geist posed and said the investigation continues.

The seven Salt Lake City Council members sent a letter to Police Chief Chris Burbank saying the department needs to “educate” the public on police procedures when a child goes missing and how a search of nearby properties should be conducted.

“Within the community at large there’s a lot of people who have animals and have pets and are guardians of pets, they want the answers too,” said Carly Arky, director of communications for the Humane Society of Utah.

“I think we’re suited to work with the police department, but that’s up to them to contact us. The story’s building. The story is building, and I think the frustration is building.”

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  • Dale Gross

    Police–coddled by the courts. They are criminals with badges and guns and more dangerous than the people they are supposedly defending us against.

    • Dale Gross

      Of course, any dog is going to start growling and barking when a strange person (a cop) enters his property. Hence it is completely unjustifiable that the cop shot the dog, when the dog was only acting naturally. The cop was in the wrong, not the dog. This cop could easily have backed out of there or used pepper spray, but he shot him because he could. Or the cop could have shot into the ground. The noise would have scared the animal away long enough for the cop to make a hasty retreat. Anymore, cops just do whatever they feel like doing because the system always gives them a pass (immunity from prosecution). This country is so corrupt. Employers doing criminal background and credit checks and drug tests for jobs. . . the only thing these actions do is simply prevent able and willing workers from getting jobs so they can pay taxes, support their families and contribute to the economy. Making us safer? That’s just a bunch of specious rhetoric. Decades of lies, and the people can no longer think for themselves. Thankfully, most of the people on this thread are astute and can see the truth.

    • E

      Could not agree more. This has become common in the denver Metro area. Just reciently a pet dog was shot and killed when the misguilded cops kicked in the door of the wrong business searching for a burglar alarm. No real action was taken as cops are simply too well protected.

  • Anonymous

    At the end of the day the officer should have shot in the air and the dog would have retreated , so no excuses mr policeman!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can you provide even one case where a LEO has been injuried by a dog? How about one where a LEO has been killed by a dog?

  • Myke Hermann (@MykeHermann)

    I have an odd observational question. For some reason when you hear about officers involved in excessive force cases, or cases of unnecessary weapon discharges (such as this killing of a pet that was only behaving like a normal dog)… why is it that so many of these officers sport the shaved-head that is popular with other testosterone and steroid abusers? Perhaps it’s not a coincidence.

  • HansJurgen

    Just another overpaid GooberMINT employee that can’t use their freakin’ brains. The dog was doing his job – guarding the home. If you don’t belong there, the dog will bark and give you reason to leave – unless you’re a thug police idiot and you shoot the dog. Man, hope this policeman get the same one day – bang, bang, ….opps didn’t know you were a policeman.

  • TheTruthWillSetYouFree

    I understand the outrage many people are feeling regarding the perceived increasing brutality and hypocrisy of many police officers in America, but I do believe that the city council is correct that the public needs to be “educated” regarding interactions with police officers. Therefore I would like to suggest my own ideas to help educate the public.
    1. Many police officers believe they are above the law and can enforce whatever laws they want at their own discretion.
    2. Police have licenses to kill and will not hesitate to shoot your dog, or your mentally ill 15 year old holding a knife, or a mentally ill homeless man who turns his back when a flash bang goes off in his face, or a man sleeping in bed with a beer can in his hand, or even your three year old son if they feel “their lives are in danger”….even if the police officer in question is illegally trespassing on your property.
    3. Liberty and constitutional protections don’t mean anything when it comes to the American government and their badge carrying thugs. while you may think your rights are protected, the government can and will do what they want to whomever they want. They even pass laws to make sure their actions seem more legal. (see Patriot Act)
    4. Police officers are rarely, if ever, punished for breaking laws or even killing civilians. However, if you call paid vacation or desk duty punishment then I suppose they are sometimes punished.
    5. Law enforcement is little more than a brotherhood that protects its own. If your 20 year old son crashes his truck while speeding and drinking and driving, chances are good that he will not be arrested or even charged with a DUI as long as you are a police chief or have connections in law enforcement.
    6. Police officers and police departments rely on the taxes collected from civilians. So while it may seem like a victory for a police department to be sued for millions of dollars, in reality we the people are literally paying for their crimes. They are not punished in the slightest for wonton murder and law breaking because us tax payers are footing the bill and covering the expenses of police lawsuits.
    7. Police officers are a type of “authority” and like most types of authority do not appreciate being questioned. So while you may think you have the right to point out when they step out of line and you may think you deserve to be treated with respect the truth is you have no right to question them and the DA and judges will almost always side with police over you.
    Of course not every single police officer is corrupt and untrustworthy, and I appreciate the ones that are honest, respectable, public serving officials.
    The more you know….

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