Beauprez, Hickenlooper weigh in on Boulder issuing same-sex marriage licenses

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DENVER -- Three days and three communities in Boulder County now issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Friday night, both gubernatorial candidates talked about the brewing controversy, since same-sex marriage is still illegal in Colorado.

Both Bob Beauprez and John Hickenlooper are vying to serve the next four years as governor.

They were in the same room together at the Capitol for the first time since Beauprez won the Republican nomination Tuesday night.

As for the gay marriage issue, both candidates have very different viewpoints but are closer than you may think about what's happening in Boulder County.

Watch Justin Joseph's video report above to see what we mean.




  • Hugh1

    I like clear choices. Hickenlooper and his administration seem to have done a pretty decent job at governing Colorado. I’m sure that Bob Beauprez is a good man and well intentioned, but he is out of touch on social issues. Colorado’s gay marriage ban was just ruled unconstitutional by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeal. Now Mr. Beauprez wants to be governor, and his views would represent my views – and they do not. I support same-sex marriage equality. He supports a failed constitutional amendment (that’s already been ruled unconstitutional) to deny me that right. That’s unacceptable.

    • Dick Peabody

      Never mind that Hick appears to have taken a part in the early release of his friend’s murderous son, Evan Ebel, or that he stayed the execution of mass murderer, Nathan Dunlap, for the next governor. Never mind that he flip-flopped to Coloradans on the usefulness of gun laws in preventing murders or that he lied to 55 sheriffs of Colorado about NY mayor Bloomberg calling him to twist his arm. Never mind that he’s expressed a low opinion of our rural Coloradans and has made disparaging remarks. Hick has to go because he’s a RUBBER STAMP for a radical liberal (communist) legislature. He vetoed NOTHING from last years session, not even the magazine ban that he later claimed was apparently useless.

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