Report: Story about injured 3-year-old girl asked to leave KFC a hoax

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JACKSON, Miss. — The story of the family of a 3-year-old girl who was scarred after a pit bull attack and was asked to leave a KFC because her appearance upset other customers might be a hoax.

Victoria Wilcher lost her right eye, suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and several puncture wounds when she was attacked by three pit bulls in April.

Earlier this month, the girl’s grandmother says she was told by a KFC employee to leave the Mississippi restaurant because Victoria’s appearance was upsetting other customers.

“She said that we’d have to leave, we were disturbing customers. Victoria’s face was disturbing other customers,” Kelly Mullins said.

KFC immediately responded and said it would donate $30,000 to help with the girl’s medical bills. But now KFC is saying the story was made up in an attempt to raise money.

According to the Laurel Leader-Call, KFC officials say they hired investigators to look into the allegation and found that there is no evidence the girl was ever even at the restaurant.

The Leader-Call also reports store security video does not show Victoria nor her grandmother were ever in the KFC where they claimed the incident happened. Receipts also fail to show the “mashed potato and sweet tea” order the family claims they ordered the day in question.

“When the allegation was first made, KFC pledged $30,000 to go to medical expenses and started an investigation to find the truth,” KFC franchisee owner Dick West posted on social media over the weekend. “They have pledged the money even if it is proven that the incident never happened. At this point their story is full of holes. Any thinking person who follows their timeline can see it.

“The event at KFC never happened.”



  • Jeff

    Don’t reward bad behavior. You may think it’s the right thing to do, but you will regret it later.

  • Crazy Cat Lady

    But it was on the Internet, it must be true!!!! People are so QUICK AND VOCAL jumping on the bandwagon, and just as QUICK but not nearly as VOCAL jumping off!!!!!! I thought hoax as soon as I read this. Think of all of the Facebook and internet, “They done me wrong,” or “I’m/a family member (is) horribly sick” that have been proven FALSE lately. And of course, the media runs with it before all the facts are in. PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • annpirie

      I, too, smelled a hoax at the onset. I thought grandmother was grandstanding. I am sorry KFC and the media didn’t check this out before making it sound like such a mean and cruel incident. We are a bunch of suckers so why not prey on us.

  • Anonymous

    Put their sorry @$$es in jail and throw away the key, first they had vicious dogs around children and now running scam using the little girl. Total trailer trash,

  • Stop the madness

    And yet every major news outlet reported it, without benefit of investigation or apparently basic fact-checking.

  • Anonymous

    Not cool at all!!! There are others ways to HONESTLY raise funds ie: go fund me. They ought to be ashamed!

  • Test

    Let’s not forget that KFC immediately apologized and started the ball rolling to put things right. Compare that to so many others who deny, deny deny and trash the hard drive…..

  • crazy cat lady

    I think this family HAD a gofundme account! I and I’m sure many others are now so wary of these scams that I choose NOT to believe the stories or give to their funds. What is really sad is that the people who honestly NEED the help are seriously being hurt by their SCAMS!!!!!

    • crazy cat lady

      The family DID have a gofundme account that had less than $1000 in it for weeks BEFORE this “story” came out. In the short time since the “story,” it is now well over $100,000! I hope it truely goes to the girl’s medical expenses, and not into someone’s new car or big screen TV!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Has anyone seen any evidence of a dog attack, or that this girl lost her eye? If so, when did this attack happen and who owned the dogs? The homeowners insurance company for the dog owners would have paid all of the medical bills and more.

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